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The Ultimate Guide to Pipe Rack Hire

See my hire options Contents 1# Things to consider 2# Introduction 3# What are pipe racks? 4# Lakeside-Hire pipe racks: the main features 5# How to use pipe racks safely 6# Tips before hiring 7# FAQs about pipe rack hire Things to consider Length, weight and number of pipes – These factors will determine the […]

The Ultimate Guide to Lifting Gear Hire

See my hire options Contents 1# Things to consider 2# Introduction 3# Why is lifting equipment safety important? 4# Lifting gear legal requirements 5# Dos and don’ts of lifting safely 6# The different types of lifting gear 7# Tips before hiring 8# FAQs about Lifting Gear Hire Things to consider The different kinds of lifting […]

The Ultimate Guide to Heras Fencing

Contents Things to consider Introduction What is Heras fencing? The benefits of Heras fencing The law on securing construction sites How does Heras fencing meet the challenges faced by building contractors? Tips before hiring FAQs about Heras fencing View our range of Heras Fencing or call us on 0333 920 2076 Things to consider Public […]

The Ultimate Guide to GRP Podium Steps Hire

Our podium steps are ideal for working at a low level, they are far better matched to lower heights than a step ladder or a hop-up work platform when operating at a height; this is because the podium steps and platforms have a larger surface area to work on, they are also more stable than […]

The Ultimate Guide to Flood Lighting

See my hire options Contents 1# Things to consider 2# Introduction 3# What is flood lighting? 4# What is the difference between lumens and watts? 5# Converting lumens to watts 6# Different types of floodlights 7# How to control floodlights 8# Choosing a colour temperature 9# Tips before hiring 10# FAQs about flood lighting hire […]

Ultimate Guide to Scaffold Tower Safety Standards

Scaffolding is used for the primary purpose of creating as safe a workspace for construction workers as possible. If they have access to a safe, stable scaffold, they are better able to work at heights with less risk of taking a fall. One of the most common forms of scaffolding is the scaffold tower. These […]

Different Kinds of Scaffold Tower – Hire The Best Providers To Ensure Work Safety

There are different options available to anyone seeking a top-quality scaffold tower; hire reputable providers to ensure construction work safety, regardless of whether the job is a simple or a complex one. Here are four popular choices to select from — each has a special feature that’s designed for a specific purpose. The first type is […]

How to install a lintel using a Strongboy

First, gather the correct equipment. Strongboy hire and Acrow Prop hire are the most cost-effective way of getting hold of the best tools for the job. Safety goggles, steel-toe capped boots and gloves are also essential. You first task is to install a lintel to hold the weight of the wall before you start removing […]

Working at height with a cantilever scaffold tower

Lakeside-Hire’s Cantilever Scaffold Tower Puts Safety First Slips, trips and falls cost society an estimated £800 million each year, according to the Health and Safety Executive. The most recent figures showed that there were 40 fatalities, 15,000 major injuries and over 30,000 workers needing more than three days off work in 2010. For construction workers, […]

Do You Need a Narrow Scaffold Tower? Hire With Us Today.

Sometimes our standard sized scaffold towers at 950mm wide are too big for our customers projects. That’s why here at Lakeside-Hire, we stock a wide variety of scaffold towers to suit different tasks. No matter the job, speak to one of our trained advisors and they will be happy to help you find the right […]

Use a Scaffold Tower For Easy House Painting

Although scaffolding would be fairly over-the-top, scaffold towers really do the trick for making house painting a piece of cake. Scaffold towers don’t require piles of men trudging around your home as they wrap your property in metal. What do-it-yourself experts suggest nowadays is an aluminium scaffold tower. Not only are towers infinitely more practical […]

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