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  • Platform Height: 1.6m-2.5m
  • Dimensions: 1130x700mm
  • Safe Working Load: 240Kg
  • Available next day delivery, London and nationwide
  • Easy, no-fuss collection, give us a call to arrange your off-hire
  • PASMA trained hire-coordinators available to call for expert help and advice

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Pop Up Hire: Everything You Need To Know

Are you working on a new project but can’t seem to find equipment that meets your safety needs? Do you need better low-level access? Are you looking to hire a Pop Up Pro 10 IQ scissor lift?

Then you’ve come to the right place. This simple tool guide will tell you everything you will need to know before you hire. For where to get great deals and quality service, find out more below.

But before anything else, let’s dive into what a Pop Up Pro 10 IQ scissor life is, and why you need it.


Let’s Talk About the Pop Up Scissor Lift

So, What Exactly Is A Pop Up Pro 10 IQ Anyway?

The Pop Up Pro 10 IQ is a kind of scissor lift often used at construction sites to provide low-level access and safety when working at height.

Think of your usual standard ladders, scaffolds, or steps, but better, safer, and more cost-effective.


Forget all about those small site inconveniences. A Pop Up Pro 10 IQ is designed to fit your standard doorway, taking away the hassle of squeezing into small spaces.

This powered access tool has a built-in charger with batteries that can last a full day without charging. A 2-year old iPhone could never!

Despite the compact appearance, a Pop Up Pro 10 IQ can stretch up to a range of heights. The platform height can stretch from 1.6m-2.5m.

Operating a Pop Up is easy to learn as well, and can be done by just one person.


Why Should You Hire Low-Level Access Machines?

Getting a job done quickly and efficiently is always the goal of any construction project. Investing in the right equipment always proves to be a safe and cost-effective way to get the job done.

Safety Features

When you hire a Pop Up Pro 10 IQ scissor lift, you give your workers a safer experience.

Standing on a platform is definitely more stable as compared to standing on a ladder step. A scissor lift is by far one of the most convenient low-level access solutions when working at height.

The use of such a tool at height easily reduces workers’ fatigue and prevents them from dangerous over-reaching as well.

Low-Level Access, High-Level Productivity

Demands at a construction site can be difficult. It can involve the need to access a certain height or squeeze into cramped spaces. Without the proper equipment, it can be a tiring feat.

The platform of a Pop Up Pro 10 IQ allows better low-level access achieved in less time.

Imagine setting up a ladder and then folding it back every single time you’re working at height. And then having to balance yourself to make sure you don’t fall. All while completing the task.

It takes a village.

Now imagine simply stepping on a platform. Then operating it to your desired platform height. Balancing worries eliminated. All you have to do is focus on what you truly need to do at that height.

This is why people hire Pop Up scissor lifts! It’s the perfect low-level access solution customers can always rely on. It’s a site worker’s trusted partner for a range of tasks done at height.

Here’s Where You Can Hire One

Before you hire your own Pop Up Pro 10 IQ, please note the following considerations:

  • Is the equipment well-maintained?
  • How fast is the delivery upon hiring?
  • How convenient is it to hire through the company?
  • What are the Pop Up’s features and specifications?
  • How does the hiring service assess the Pop Up before use?


With all these concerns in mind, you can rely on Lakeside Hire to get the job done.

A trusted brand in the UK, Lakeside Hire provides powered access machines such as the Pop Up Pro 10 IQ Scissor Lift to informative customers such as yourself.

With prices starting at £95 per week, you can enjoy top-quality Pop-Up services at a price that won’t hurt your pocket. Learn more about the Pop Up Pro 10 IQ Scissor Lift specifications below:

  • Platform Height: 1.6m-2.5m
  • Dimensions: 1130x700mm
  • Safe Working Load: 240Kg


Lakeside Hire guarantees your deliveries are in good hands. Prior to delivery, the company double checks the equipment to see if it’s ready for use. After collections are made, the Pop Up is inspected again to ensure quality for the next customer.


Call Lakeside Hire at 03717051249 to place an order now. The UK enjoys next-day shipping made available nationwide for £20 each way.

For more hire inquiries, you can consult with the PASMA trained hire coordinators (PASMA is a reputable training program under the UK Industries Training).

Sarah Beeny Channel 4
“The company’s commitment to supplying high quality equipment, backed by great customer service, has won it a nationwide reputation for efficiency and reliability” Sarah Beeny Channel 4


Why Choose Lakeside-Hire ?

Concerned that hired equipment might not be up to scratch? You needn’t worry – every piece of equipment is thoroughly checked every time it returns from a job and all the equipment meets Health and Safety rules and regulations. We pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations with every Pop Up Scissor Lift Hire.

Our minimum order is £50 before VAT

We understand that more than just money is lost when your equipment is late or cannot be delivered or collected when you need it to be.

Our delivery options:

Standard Service

Delivery between 07:00-11:59
Collection between 08:00-17:00
£15.00 each way, delivery and collection

Standard delivery is Free if your hire is longer than three weeks.

Timed Service

Within the M25
Booking slot by the hour = £45.00
(ie between 09:00-10:00)
Exact time = £60.00

Specialist Services

1. Out of hours - we can arrange deliveries and collections outside of normal times. Prices start from £60

2. Waiting time - if you only need the equipment for a few hours we can provide a van to wait at your site ready for when you are finished with the equipment. Waiting time is charged at £30 per half hour.

For areas outside the M25 we can supply a hire service from a third party. Whilst this service is not covered by our standard guarantee, we will guarantee that you will recieve the equipment you need the very next day. Delivery and collection for rehire service is £15 each way anywhere in the country.

Ask your Hire Co-ordinator for more details.

Powered Access Service & Delivery

We are now pleased to off a range of powered access to cater for a wide variety of your projects. As this is a specilaist area in access please check which delivery services are available when place your order with your Hire Co-ordinator.


Give us a call to arrange your collection, off-hire your equipment with no-fuss and we will get it collected as soon as possible.

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