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Podium Steps are the safer and stronger option for your indoor and outdoor needs. Giving you access to new heights, and upgrading your safety thanks to a more durable design, podium step hire will make your DIY jobs a doddle.

Why Hire Podium Steps?

Need a better deal? Lakeside-Hire provides podium steps hire at cheaper rates, next-day delivery service, and a customer service team that can give you expert advice before you hire!

Podium Steps Hire

Looking for safe hire equipment to use in your area? Worried about the risks of using a conventional step ladder?
Then perhaps what you need are podium steps – a product or piece of equipment that emerged out of the conventional ladder design intended to provide better safety in areas where conventional ladders could not.
Interested to learn more about it and where to hire one? Keep reading!

How a Podium Step Can Ensure the Safety of Your Workers?

There are two primary qualities that make podiums a recommended product or hire equipment over conventional ladders: added stability and caged platform.

As for the caged platform, this is a podium step’s main feature, where the enclosed handrail design encloses the worker on all four sides to prevent falls, slips, or accidents on-site.

Included in a podium step’s design are also struts and supports that sit near the base, which result in wider footing, better stability, and a safer alternative to a step ladder even when working on the enclosed podium.

Key Features & Benefits

PAS250 and BS 8630.

Podium steps have removable/lockable wheels located at the bottom of each leg to make it easier for workers to move from one site to another.
Safer for Everyday Use. Due to its robust frame and 4-leg support, it’s safer and much more achievable to carry out certain on-site tasks without compromising the worker’s safety.
Not to mention, a podium step’s guardrail protection feature helps workers feel more at ease when performing tasks at the appropriate working height.

Can Be Used in Zones 1 and 2

Zones 1 and 2 are characterized as areas with a continuous presence of explosive gas. This also means you can just use any product or hire equipment on these sites.
You need special products or equipment to perform any task in Zones 1 and 2 appropriately.
Fortunately, you can opt for glass-reinforced plastic podium steps which are resistant to corrosive substances and don’t spark in Zones 1 and 2.
Whether it’s painting, cabling, pipework, ventilation, decorating, plastering, or alarm installation jobs, they are a product you can safely use in just about any trade.

Podium Steps Vs. Step Ladder: Which Is the Better Option?

More often than not, we’ve noticed several customers consider a step ladder as one of the products or equipment to hire for certain tasks.
Although a step ladder is considered as one of the solid products to use and a piece of long-standing equipment hire for a wide range of jobs, its two-leg design alone can be a concern for workers when working at heights up to 15 or 20 ft.
That said, a podium step is a better option than a step ladder for the following reasons:
Has better structural strength and a more robust frame. This allows better support for your worker’s weight.
Although a it’s design is ideal for low working heights, the stability of its base plates & legs and additional supports in each leg is less dangerous when workers need additional reach to complete specific tasks.
The caged platform design and guardrail protection promote safer working conditions along with an easier time when handling tools.
Excels far better in indoor & outdoor work at minimal height.

Are There Any Risks to Using a Podium Step?

Since a podium step’s design features a more robust frame, in some cases, it may end up as an obstacle in the working area.
Compared to step ladders, they’re also more costly.
Step ladders make for great choices when it comes to light-duty indoor work; however, this equipment are great for both light-duty & heavy-duty indoor and outdoor work.
Furthermore, while podiums are much harder to disassemble compared to step ladders, a podium step’s safety-oriented design more than makes up for it.
Overall, a the equipment offers superior stability, protection, and safety than stepladders. While there are a few risks, the benefits far outweigh the cons.

Where to Hire Podium Steps in Your Area

If you’re looking for the best podium step hire, Lakeside-Hire offers lower costs, next-day delivery services, and a great & friendly customer service team that’s willing to help you through your demands.
Don’t believe us? Then perhaps, customer reviews may be able to clear some doubts you may have.
You can call 0330 134 7666 to reach Lakeside-Hire and ask about any concerns you may have about your hire order.
Finally, Lakeside-Hire can ensure the steps are EN131-certified, so you don’t have to worry about using equipment that doesn’t meet proper safety regulations or guidelines.

Some additional information about the product offered by Lakeside-Hire include:

A flexible working platform (400mm by 600mm) & narrow podium steps available.
If you hire the equipment for more than 3 weeks, delivery is free
1 metre and 1.2 metre platform heights available
The steps have anti-surface devices (2 castors & base plates) for enhanced stability
HSE-compliant, EN131-certified, and suitable for use in areas where electricity and chemicals are present and Zone 1 areas

See our ultimate guide to GRP podium steps here for more information on its regulations, and how it can help you get the job done. For low cost podium step hire, Lakeside are your best choice!

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