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Tower Light Hire: What to consider

Looking for a reliable tower light hire to help you get the job done during night-time or in low-visibility conditions? Our tower lights provide bright illumination for construction sites and other outdoor projects.

Tower lights are a crucial piece of equipment on any construction or outdoor event site. Tower lights supply illumination for numerous jobs and projects that need to be carried out during hours of darkness or poor visibility. They ensure that workers can carry out these jobs competently and safely.

Tower light uses

Construction site

Tower lights are essential in construction sites because they provide workers with a safe and effective way to continue work during poorer visibility conditions. The tower lights also ensure that pedestrians and other motorists can see the site clearly at all times.

Sporting events

Tower lights are also commonly used in sporting events, concerts and other outdoor events. They provide a safe and efficient way for the audience to see what is happening onstage or on the field.

Music festivals and Outdoor training events

Tower lights are also commonly used at music festivals and other outdoor events. They provide a safe way for the audience to see what is happening onstage or on the field.

Tower light hire

When searching for a lighting tower hire for your next job, there are several important factors you need to take into consideration.

Light needed.

The most important factor is the power of the tower lights. You’ll want to ensure that the lighting towers you select have enough lumens to cover the desired work area. The brightness of the light will also determine the size of the light tower. A larger, more powerful light can cover a wider area than one that isn’t as bright, so be sure to take measurements of your working area into consideration when choosing lighting solutions.

Run time.

The runtime of a lighting tower is the number of continuous hours of light it can generate on one tank of fuel. A longer run time will give you more options for when you can use the tower. This aspect is particularly important if your project spans over an extended period of darkness or poor visibility.

The footprint of the tower.

The size and footprint of the lighting towers are also important considerations. Make sure to choose a tower that can be easily transported to and from the construction sites. The tower lights you choose should also fit safely in the desired target area.

Knowing your job site and how it may change during the course of the work is one of the most important aspects to consider when selecting a light tower.

Noise restriction.

Depending on the location of your job site, you may need to consider noise restrictions. Tower lights can be quite loud when in operation, so make sure to factor this into your decision if noise ordinances are an issue.

Safety features.

As with any equipment, it’s important to select lighting towers that have a range of safety features included. These features can include things such as automatic shut-offs and emergency stop buttons.

By considering all of these factors when choosing a lighting tower, you can ensure that your next construction project or outdoor event will run smoothly and safely.

With our rental program, you can get the right tower for your needs without having to make a large purchase commitment.

Ultimately, your individual needs will dictate the factors to consider in your light choice. You need to assess all the project variables, such as where the light tower will be delivered and the specific environment it will be mounted. The size of the site, power supply options, and the required light coverage are also good things to consider. This way, you can be sure your tower light hire will enhance not only visibility on your site but also productivity and safety.

So, look no further than our light tower hire service, as we have a wide range of light towers available to suit your specific needs. In addition, we can provide all the necessary accessories and supplies to help you get the most out of your equipment.

Whether you’re working on a construction site, mining operation, or outdoor event, you need light. Our light towers will make sure that you’re able to carry out your work safely and efficiently under any lighting conditions. Contact our dedicated team of experts today to learn more about our mobile lighting hire service!


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Why Choose Lakeside-Hire ?

Concerned that hired equipment might not be up to scratch? You needn’t worry – every piece of equipment is thoroughly checked every time it returns from a job and all the equipment meets Health and Safety rules and regulations. We pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations with every Tower Light Hire.

Our minimum order is £50 before VAT

We understand that more than just money is lost when your equipment is late or cannot be delivered or collected when you need it to be.

Our delivery options:

Standard Service

Delivery between 07:00-11:59
Collection between 08:00-17:00
£15.00 each way, delivery and collection

Standard delivery is Free if your hire is longer than three weeks.

Timed Service

Within the M25
Booking slot by the hour = £45.00
(ie between 09:00-10:00)
Exact time = £60.00

Specialist Services

1. Out of hours - we can arrange deliveries and collections outside of normal times. Prices start from £60

2. Waiting time - if you only need the equipment for a few hours we can provide a van to wait at your site ready for when you are finished with the equipment. Waiting time is charged at £30 per half hour.

For areas outside the M25 we can supply a hire service from a third party. Whilst this service is not covered by our standard guarantee, we will guarantee that you will recieve the equipment you need the very next day. Delivery and collection for rehire service is £15 each way anywhere in the country.

Ask your Hire Co-ordinator for more details.

Powered Access Service & Delivery

We are now pleased to off a range of powered access to cater for a wide variety of your projects. As this is a specilaist area in access please check which delivery services are available when place your order with your Hire Co-ordinator.


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