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What are plastic barrier types and what is chapter 8 compliance?

The term ‘plastic barrier types’ refers to the various ways that plastic barriers can be installed and how they are constructed. The requirements for installation and construction of these barriers differ from one to another, depending on the material used. Plastic safety barrier hire are excellent for work zones and other temporary traffic control areas. […]

Expanding Our Range With The Latest High Performance Boss PA-LIFT

As the UK’s most popular equipment hire and tool rental company, we are always on the search for new equipment to add to our ever-increasing range. So, we’re happy to announce our latest investment in the new generation model of heavy-duty aerial devices, the BoSS PA-Lift for hire. The new scissor lift BoSS PA-lift comes […]

The Business Case to go LED This Winter

If you’re on the search for lighting solutions that are safer, energy efficient, longer lasting, more effective, and cost-effective, LED lighting should be on your shortlist. LED is often the better choice when compared to halogen, incandescent, or fluorescent lighting. Whether you are seeking a permanent solution, or LED lighting for hire, it may be […]

Large Scale Lighting Solutions For Large Scale Events

Lighting for large events is interesting. If it’s done well, it’s not something that most people notice. However, they will certainly notice if something goes on. It’s not the star of the show, but it has a major impact on the success of any show. Event Lighting hire? You may be able to use standard […]

5 Reasons The Genie Superlift is so Popular

The Genie Superlift is a true workhorse. It’s one of the most popular lifting options we have available. That should not come as a surprise at all. In fact, the Genie Superlift brings massive strength to the job site, and is quite user-friendly. This is the ideal option, if you need any lift. Take a […]

Average Costs to Fix or Repair a House

Purchasing your first home is a real accomplishment and a matter of pride for many of us. Unfortunately, many people often fail to consider the costs of maintenance and home repair when they decide exactly how much they can afford to spend on a house. If you’re considering buying a home, or if you are […]

Ladder Accidents: Potentially Deadly, Always Preventable

Everyone should take ladder safety seriously. In fact, a company was recently fined after an electrician fell to his death from a stepladder. Why such harsh treatment? The truth is that most falls from height that cause injuries or death involve ladders. This high risk activity must be taken seriously, and precautions put into place. […]

Should You Use a Scissor Lift or a Boom Lift?

A lift is one of the safest, most reliable tools for working in small places. They’re easy to move in and out of place. They also provide a stable work platform. When you hire a lift, you have two choices. Should you use a scissor lift or a boom lift? In order to make the […]

How to Work Safely at Height?

How to Work Safely at Height Any time you or a member of your crew works at a height, the risk of serious injury increases. In fact, there’s a chance of being injured, even when you’re just a few inches off of the ground. To reduce the risk of injury and increase safety, workers must […]

The Ultimate Guide to Temporary Pedestrian Barrier Hire

See my hire options Contents 1# Things to consider 2# Introduction 3# What are temporary pedestrian barriers? 4# The benefits and limitations of temporary pedestrian barriers 5# The laws on crowd control 6# The laws on securing construction sites 7# Tips before hiring 8# FAQs about temporary pedestrian barrier hire Things to consider Purpose – […]

The Ultimate Guide to Aluminium Scaffold Tower Prices

See my hire options Contents 1# Things to consider 2# Introduction 3# What is scaffolding? 4# What is the difference between scaffolding and scaffold towers? 5# What affects the cost of scaffolding? 6# How modern scaffolding works 7# How to get a great quote for scaffolding 8# Tips before hiring 9# FAQs about scaffold tower […]

The Ultimate Guide to Podium Step Hire

See my hire options Contents 1# Things to consider 2# Introduction 3# What are podium steps? 4# The legal requirements for podium steps 5# The benefits of podium steps 6# Tips before hiring 7# FAQs about podium steps hire Things to consider The work to be done – the need to adjust your working position […]

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