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  • Ultimate Guide to Scaffold Tower Safety

    Easy to assemble and simple to manoeuvre, scaffold towers can be the ultimate cost-effective solution for circumstances where work at height is required. Although, it should be remembered that this piece of kit, while helpful, can be a major source of serious accidents and injuries if... Read more

  • Roof Ladder Hire

    As most jobs require certain tasks to be performed at certain times, hiring a roof ladder, rather than purchasing one outright, has several distinct advantages. For example, many of these tasks are performed with limitations on the amount of space in which they are ca... Read more

  • How To Maintain Fireplace and Chimney

    First, check the outside of the chimney. Although it is often better to leave the more difficult maintenance to the experts there are a few simple checks you can do to make sure that your chimney is in good working order.


    Use an Read more

  • How To Install Windows

    Although it might be possible to complete the installation with a step ladder or an extension ladder, a Read more

  • How To Felt A Shed Roof

    First of all, it is important to estimate how much roof felt you will need for the task. Don’t forget to include extra for an overlap on the joints. If you have the basic roof measurements, you should be able to work out the net coverage.

    Next gather together all the tool... Read more

  • How To Install CCTV

    For most CCTV systems, the industry standard is the RG59 Siamese cable which consists of positive and negative elements ie: one video cable and one power cable.

    Choosing the right location for your CCTV is also important – there is no point in fixing up a camera focused o... Read more

  • How To Install A Chandelier

    Follow a few simple steps and installing a chandelier can be completed quickly and easily without damaging any of the precious crystal strands.

    First things first; it is important to switch off the electricity that will be powering the chandelier. That means turning off the... Read more

  • How To Install Fascias and Soffits

    Alternatively a low-level platform such as a pop up scissor lift or a Read more

  • How To Paint A House

    The first stage is to inspect your paint work. It might be that you can get away with touching up the areas that are deteriorating most or simply to paint the side of the property that is most exposed to the elements.

    Choose a dry day when temperatures are not too cold or w... Read more

  • How To Fix Roof Tiles

    It’s vital to replace broken tiles to prevent damage to ceilings and the general fabric of the house.

    Replacing a cracked roof tile or two is not a difficult job, and one any fit, handy person can do for themselves.

    There are many different kinds of roofing tiles ... Read more