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These powered access platforms provide an efficient means of working at height, allowing people to carry out tasks such as delivery, maintenance, or inspection with less disruption.

What is a MEWP?

MEWPs or Mobile Elevated Work Platforms have powered access platforms that are used in a wide variety of industries. They are used in the construction industry for window cleaning and maintenance, in oil refineries and chemical plants for painting and inspection and in many other industries that require work to be carried out at height.

Types of powered access platforms for hire

We provide a wide range of powered access tools to help your business, including boom lifts, scissor lifts, and trailer-mounted booms, in our hire section. The following is a quick overview of each of these MEWP products:

Cherry picker

Cherry pickers are tools with a long, extendible arm (or boom) that contains a cradle at the end on an aerial platform. Telehandlers, telescopic handlers, and boom lifts are just a few of their names. They are versatile tools that can be moved around. Cherry pickers (also known as boom lifts) can provide ‘outreach’ via extendable parts. Unlike scissor lifts, booms may be extended forward, upward, out and over obstacles, so they don’t need to be parked just under the target.

Scissor lifts

Scissor lift powered access platforms are designed for smaller jobs. Scissor lifts are available with a range of platform heights and provide outstanding manoeuvrability. These lifts usually handle everything that would require a ladder, tower, or scaffolding.

PAV Hire

Push Around Verticals are small, hand-push MEWP devices. They are designed for indoor use, smaller jobs, and maintenance work. Good examples of PAV’s are the Peco Lift and Eco Lift range. These are non powered non electric ECO products.

What should be considered when hiring a MEWP?

Selecting the right MEWP for the job

The most important part of the hiring process is making sure that the right MEWP is selected for the job. Things to consider

  • The minimum and maximum heights of the work area.
  • Whether or not the work area is enclosed or open.
  • What materials will be handled.
  • What tools will be used.

Ensure the ground is even

In construction sites, the ground is often far from even and smooth. If the machine is not on firm, even ground there is a risk that the machine could overturn, this could also include low-level platforms.

Preventing accidents

Falls are one of the most typical problems associated with aerial platforms. A fall from the basket while on the job might result in serious injuries, therefore it’s critical that you understand how to avoid or minimize this danger by using the right equipment and having the right training to complete the project.

Risk assessment

Operators must be knowledgeable of possible hazards such as high-tension power lines, soil conditions, obstructions, and stability issues to avoid any danger to themselves or others on site.

Reasons to hire from Lakeside


All our MEWPs/powered access platforms meet or exceed all safety standards and regulations. They’re CE marked, undergo a periodic thorough examination to make sure they comply with manufacturer guidelines (and any other applicable laws), then inspected before each hire in line with these same high standards.

LOLER certified

All of our MEWPs are LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) certified, along with regular routine checks and maintenance every time a piece of equipment comes back into stock.


We only partner with leading industry manufacturers to ensure you hire machinery that is safe and tested to the highest standards. Our quality control measures are stringent, and our engineers are qualified and experienced.


We have a team of knowledgeable, professional experts – with many years of experience – to offer training and guidance on any type of powered access equipment. They will be happy to guide your business and find the best solutions.

Nationwide hire

We offer powered access hire services nationally across the UK, providing 24/7 hire via our website.

Rental options

We have rental options to suit you at competitive prices, whether you have one-off or regular needs for these MEWPs/powered access platforms.


We are one of the UK’s leading experts in powered access hire machinery so you can count on us to provide you comprehensive, cost-effective supply and hire service solution.

Customer Service

Our UK based experienced, knowledgeable team is always on hand to advise and guide you through the hiring process, so we can ensure your MEWP works in line with your companies always needs and specifications.

Customer Usage Tip

A key aspect to note is that all users hiring a MEWP need IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) training to use this machinery in a commercial setting.

As one of the UK’s leading providers of work platform hire, we understand that our customers have different needs when it comes to powered access hire equipment, which is why we offer a full range of options for hire. We provide a wide range of accessible and reliable work platforms for a range of industries. Our short-term MEWPs can be hired with any task in construction or manufacturing – they’re perfect if you need an extra hand on-site! For logistics companies hiring long term equipment, our long-term MEWPs come fully equipped with an array of advanced features, which means that you have all the control and stability of a larger machine for the timeframe you need it.

We can offer you a wide range of powered access tools in the UK to accommodate your needs. Why not take advantage of our expertise and hire some for yourself? Let us know how we can help your company with its next project by getting in touch today. For more information call one of our experts now!

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