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If you need an eco-friendly solution to accessing certain areas or a safer alternative to ladders and scaffold towers, then an Eco Lift hire could be the right choice for you.
Lakeside-hire offers the best Eco Lift hire in the UK. You can also hire tools at a cheaper rate, plus next-day delivery service for an easy, hassle-free collection. Contact us today to hire an Eco Lift and save money!

Key Features Of Our Eco Lifts

Lakeside-Hire offers a wide range of low-level powered access platforms for hire nationwide and in the Greater London area. Our new Eco Lifts are the ideal choice for working at height for a wide variety of applications. Here is a quick look at the Eco Lift’s key specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Power Towers Ltd
  • Category: Low-level access platform
  • Maximum working height: 4.2m
  • Maximum platform height: 2.2m
  • Basket dimensions: 850mm(l) x 644mm(w)
  • Small working footprint: 1280mm x 700mm
  • Safe working load: 150kg (1 person + tools)
  • Maximum manual force: 200N
  • Maximum wind force: 0 mph (for internal use only)
  • Maximum sound pressure level: Under 70 Dba
  • Maximum gradient for operation: 0 degrees
  • Maximum wheel force: 234 kg
  • Maximum caster point load: 234 kg
  • Sound pressure level: Less than 70 dba
  • Closed dimensions: 1280 mm x 700 mm x 1940 mm
  • Weight: 305 kg

Not sure whether you should hire an Eco Lift? Eco Lift hires come with plenty of benefits – below are just a few of them.

Maximum Safety

When it comes to powered access activities, height safety is a major concern. Working at a platform height higher than 2m places the worker at great risk should any accidents or slips occur.

Thankfully, Eco Lifts can keep your workers and employees safe while on the job. Some of its best safety features include:

  • An intuitive platform design that’s easy to manoeuvre and operate. Simply step into the platform and turn the handle to elevate the mechanism – a fast and safe way to get to your ideal working height.
  • An anti-slip platform so that workers can operate and accomplish tasks safely, even at maximum working height.
  • An automatic brake that activates as soon as you step onto the platform.
  • Full-guardrail design so the worker can feel at ease at all times, even at maximum working height.
  • A high safe working load (150kg) for jobs with heavy objects.
  • Mains power and battery-free, which means it’s free from acid spills.
  • A fail-safe lifting mechanism that keeps you safe in case of equipment failure.
  • Ample basket dimensions (850mm(l) x 644mm(w)) – more than enough for one person and their tools.

Compared to scaffoldings, ladders, and podiums, Eco Lifts is a safe & user-friendly solution with a small working footprint (1280mm x 700mm) that can bring peace of mind to all who use it. If this platform height on this isn’t quite enough we’re sure we’ll have the right solution for you on the main Mewp hire page.


For workers to be efficient, they need to feel safe and confident in their equipment – especially when working at the maximum platform height. The equipment should also be designed to make working as easy as possible.

The biggest advantage of using lift equipment is that it eliminates overstretching, overextending, climbing up steps, and chronic injury caused by poor posture or constant lower back fatigue. It also has a low maximum manual force (200N), making it easy to get to working height.

Eco Lifts ensure that your workers aren’t injured in the line of work. Our low level-access platform has a high safe working load (150kg), which means your workers don’t have to stress about transporting heavy equipment themselves even at maximum working height. It is also designed to be easy to manoeuvre and operate.
Another added benefit is that the Eco Lift has a very small footprint (1280mm x 700mm). The size of its working footprint makes it easy to manoeuvre for internal use in small places.


Eco Lifts do more than just transport workers from point A to point B. More than functionality, our Eco Lift hire carries a low environmental impact.

Most low-level access platforms use hydraulic systems, batteries, or engines to power horizontal or vertical movement. This is where Eco Lift – one of the first battery-free elevated work platforms that allow you to work safely at height – really shines.

All you need to do is step into the platform and turn the handle to elevate the basket, giving unlimited lift cycles with no power required. The patented lift mechanism glides you gently to your desired working height in seconds, with only 10% user input and 90% mechanism input. This makes Eco Lifts one of the most environmentally friendly options on the market!


Since Eco Lift’s patented lifting mechanism does not require batteries or consume hydraulic oil to reach maximum platform height, you can reduce battery replacement and equipment maintenance costs. You can get unlimited lift cycles at no extra cost and no power required!

Plus, it’s much more expensive to purchase equipment, especially if you’re only using it once or twice. Not only do you pay a fraction of the cost by hiring an Eco Lift instead, but you’ll also save a ton of money on storage space.


Simply step into the platform and turn the handle to elevate. It’s simple, quick, and efficient! The patented lift mechanism uses no batteries or power from the mains – you can work any time and from anywhere, even in places without electricity or other power supplies.

The equipment completely eliminates the need to climb steps or podiums, which means there is less risk of slipping, tripping, or balancing. Finally, our lift comes with an auto-lok brake that automatically locks in place when the worker is in an elevated position, so it’s both portable and safe. This translates to less time moving around and securing equipment and more time on actually working!

Compare Our Prices

Lakeside-Hire takes pride in offering the best prices for hired equipment anywhere in the country. Here’s a quick comparison of how we stack up against some of our competitors:

Eco Lift Hire. Price Comparison – Per Week
LAKESIDE-HIRE £69 per week
Brandon Hire £187.55 per week
Speedy Hire £210.00 per week

Our prices are less than half that of our closest competitor! Even better is the fact that our low prices don’t translate to low quality. We offer the best rate for professional, reliable, and high-quality Eco Lift hire in the UK.

It is generally cost-effective to hire an Eco Lift from any equipment hiring company instead of buying one. But with Lakeside-Hire’s prices, you get to save even more. Think of the other things you can do with all the extra cash you’ll save by hiring your lift from us – you can buy more equipment, hire more staff, and grow your business. You really can’t get this price and quality in one package from elsewhere!

If you need something a little higher we recommend the Boss PA.

Why Choose Lakeside-Hire?

There are many equipment hire companies out there, so what makes Lakeside-Hire special? Why should you trust us for your Eco Lift hire? Here are just four things that Lakeside-Hire offers that no one else does!

Regular Maintenance And Safety Checks

Lakeside-Hire takes safety very seriously. Whenever our equipment is hired out, we always do proper maintenance and safety checks before sending them out. Also, we thoroughly check every piece of equipment every time it returns from a job.

This way, we can guarantee that any hire tools you receive from us will always be safe and work like new. You can rest assured that any equipment you hire from us is in tip-top shape.

Nationwide Coverage

Wherever you are in Great Britain, Lakeside-Hire has you covered. Our nationwide network of equipment depots will make sure your tools are delivered on time. So, distance is not a barrier as long as you are in the UK.

Reliable Delivery And Collection

Having your tools arrive late can cost you a lot of money. That’s why we guarantee your equipment will be sent out from our local branch in as little as 24 hours after placing an order. Standard delivery is Free if your hire is longer than three weeks.

Equipment collection is similarly hassle-free. Give us a call and we’ll be right there to collect your tools as soon as possible!

Flexible Equipment Hire

Flexibility is our priority here at Lakeside-Hire. Only need to hire tools for a few hours? No problem! For an extra fee, our van can wait on-site and bring the equipment right back when you’re done with it. If you’re hiring for a long time, we’ll also give you free delivery and collection fees.

We also understand your work may happen outside our usual working hours. No worries – we can arrange deliveries and collections outside no matter the time.

Contact Lakeside-Hire For Your Eco Lift Hire Needs!

Eco Lifts are ideal for anyone looking for a sustainable, eco-friendly solution that allows their employees to work faster, more efficiently, and safely without driving up costs.

The simple-to-operate patented lift mechanism empowers users to perform low-level chores like changing light bulbs, hanging décor, and accessing HVAC ducts with ease. Plus, our Eco Lifts are energy-free – no hydraulic oil or power required – making them a non-disruptive, easy to manoeuvre, environmentally friendly alternative for sensitive situations.

If you’re looking for the best Eco Lift hire in the Greater London area, Lakeside-Hire has the equipment you need at an affordable hire rate. Plus, we guarantee next-day delivery service and an easy, hassle-free collection. For only £69 a week, you can guarantee worker safety, improve productivity, and serve your customers better.

Call 0333 305 7317 to inquire about the Eco Lift and get expert advice!

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“The company’s commitment to supplying high-quality equipment, backed by great customer service, has won it a nationwide reputation for efficiency and reliability” Sarah Beeny Channel 4

Our minimum order is £50 before VAT

We understand that more than just money is lost when your equipment is late or cannot be delivered or collected when you need it to be.

Our delivery options:

Standard Service

Delivery between 07:00-11:59
Collection between 08:00-17:00
£15.00 each way, delivery and collection

Standard delivery is Free if your hire is longer than three weeks.

Timed Service

Within the M25
Booking slot by the hour = £45.00
(ie between 09:00-10:00)
Exact time = £60.00

Specialist Services

1. Out of hours - we can arrange deliveries and collections outside of normal times. Prices start from £60

2. Waiting time - if you only need the equipment for a few hours we can provide a van to wait at your site ready for when you are finished with the equipment. Waiting time is charged at £30 per half hour.

For areas outside the M25 we can supply a hire service from a third party. Whilst this service is not covered by our standard guarantee, we will guarantee that you will recieve the equipment you need the very next day. Delivery and collection for rehire service is £15 each way anywhere in the country.

Ask your Hire Co-ordinator for more details.

Powered Access Service & Delivery

We are now pleased to off a range of powered access to cater for a wide variety of your projects. As this is a specilaist area in access please check which delivery services are available when place your order with your Hire Co-ordinator.


Give us a call to arrange your collection, off-hire your equipment with no-fuss and we will get it collected as soon as possible.

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