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What are the safety benefits of Acrows?

An Acrow Prop is a lightweight metal tool that you can use to support or hold up buildings, walls, ceilings, floors, or other structures. For example, decorating companies, builders, and contractors often use these props to support a ceiling while working underneath it.

Acrow props are handy tools for projects with limited access to both sides of a structure because you can quickly move them into place without dismantling anything else.

When you think of protection and safety equipment, you might think of a hard hat to protect against falling objects, safety footwear, and rigger gloves. Still, these portable and adjustable steel beams are a vital tool for your complete protection.

Additionally, they allow you to work in situations that would not be safe or practical otherwise. For example, if one side of a building has been damaged and needs repair, but there’s no way to get underneath it safely for repair, then you can use an steel prop to support the side and protect you while you do the work on it.

Keep in mind that unless your structure is reasonably light – such as a fence or small building – then you might need to get more than one. At Lakeside-Hire, we offer various sizes of these steel beams at trade prices to suit many jobs.

They’re relatively small, lightweight and portable, with a high safe working load which makes them easy to transport and carry around without using much time or energy.

How do they work?

Steel props are very safe because the design allows an individual to handle and safely support the weight without the risk of toppling.

To use one for its intended purpose, you need to put the head of the tubular steel props underneath the structure that will be supported, with the baseplate resting securely on the ground. That’s it!

They each consist of three main sections: a base, a head, and an adjustable beam, so to use one, put the bottom on one end resting on the ground and put the head on the other extended into the air. The base supports the prop from below, while the beams adjust in size according to how tall you need them to be in a straightforward process.

For some jobs, you may need more than one prop to support your structure adequately. In these cases, it’s best to use staggered props so your walls and ceilings are well-supported and the bases are all resting on a firm surface.


What are the benefits of hiring instead of buying? 

While Acrow props are reliable and practical tools, they’re not very expensive to buy and can last for many years. So what is the main benefit of hiring one instead of buying it?

The answer is that it gives you maximum flexibility.

If you need steel props for just one project, then you won’t need to invest in buying them; you don’t need to pay for any training courses, and you will save money on the cost of maintenance and storage.

Hiring also means no risk involved; you don’t have to deal with the leftovers if your project does not go ahead.

The other benefit is that you don’t need an account or pay extortionate rates for slow service and processing. Instead, we get you your props the next day, so you can get them whenever you need them.

+ When you own them, you have to constantly clean them and maintain them. Unlike buying, we inspect them for you.

How quickly can you deliver?

That’s the main benefit of our service: you get to use them when and where you need them. At Lakeside-Hire, we pride ourselves on our fast and efficient service.

Nowhere is this more apparent than how we provide acrows to sites all over the UK. Your order arrives the next day from your local branch to your door after you’ve ordered, whether you’re a trade customer with a credit account or not.

And no, that’s not us knocking on your door at 18:00. That’s us being on-location ready for you to start working, with your order ready to go.

As well as getting your props delivered, you can order them for collection. Still, having your order come to you is undoubtedly more convenient than collection. But if you’d like to collect, reach out to us! We’ll find your local branch/store/supply centre from which you can collect your order.

Before we collect the props back, we keep a note of the end date. That means that you aren’t left wondering, “It’s the hire’s end date, the tool hire company should have been here hours ago”, or “How am I going to store this?”.

How much is Acrow prop hire at Lakeside-Hire?

We offer you many different sizes at one great rate of £4.40/week. Whatever your hire period may be, we’re the tool hire service that suits you perfectly. If there’s anything else you need, then please ask! We’re here for you between the hours of 8-5.

How far apart should Acros be?

If you don’t know how many you need on-site, or if you’re not sure how much weight your structure will be, it’s best to err on the side of caution. It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry when it comes to using construction tools safely.

If you need further information, please drop us a message! ↘️

Can acrow props be used horizontally?

Using these props horizontally isn’t recommended; you’re likely looking for our trench strut hire range. It’s a much more specialised tool for supporting walls and landscaping, and also arrives the next-day.

When are you open?

Lakeside-Hire is open 8 AM to 5 PM Monday to Friday (Excluding bank holidays), making it easy for you. We located all our branches in the UK, so we’re never too far away for any of your tool hire needs.

If you need anything outside of these hours, please email us, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs. We offer a range of services, so whether it’s a one-off or weekly service that you’re looking for, Lakeside Hire can help!

How much weight can an Acrow prop hold?

An Adjustable Type 0 Prop that reaches almost 2 meters has a safe working load of 1700KG. The tallest Type 4 prop has a safe working load of 700KG while reaching nearly five meters.

Here’s the details: Type 0 1.07 – 1.8m 20kg Type 1 1.75 – 3.12m 21kg Type 2 1.98 – 3.35m 22kg Type 3 2.59 – 3.96m 24.6kg Type 4 3.2 – 4.88m 29.3kg

Alternatively; reference this table.


Size 0 Size: 1.07m – 1.8m Weight: 20kg
Size 1 Size: 1.75m – 3.12m Weight: 21kg
Size 2 Size: 1.98m – 3.35m Weight: 22kg
Size 3 Size: 2.59m – 3.96m Weight: 24.6kg
Size 4 Size: 3.20m – 4.88m Weight: 29.3kg

As you can see, our props come in a variety of sizes to cater to different heights and structures. This way, you can be sure that they’ll fit the job, even your floors’ or ceilings’ dimensions aren’t standard.

Note that when the product code is higher, the prop is taller. However, the tubular steel design can support and carry less weight with a lower safe working load when it is taller.

Also, be aware and account that while being adjustable, an acrow prop is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Why? The height of the beam depends on how tall your structure is, and you’ll need different props (E.g. Trench Struts for landscaping and Strongboys) for various floors/walls/ceilings.

Drop us a message if you’re confused! ↘️

Are you looking for more information about our range of products and our hire services? Give us a call today or use the live website chat to speak to someone from our tool hire company.

Where should I hire acrow props?

Why should I choose Lakeside-Hire for my Steel Prop hire? Good question.

We’ve been providing top-quality and reliable tools, and construction equipment hire to high-level contractors, builders, and self-builders in the UK for more than 25 years now, always at an economical fee.

With Lakeside-Hire, steel prop hire is £2.60 more affordable than other tool hire services. That may not sound like much, but as an example, HSS charges £7.00 per week for the same gear, with their service having a lower customer satisfaction rate.

Acrow Props Hire. Price Comparison – Per Week
LAKESIDE-HIRE £4.40 per week (any size)
HSS Hire From £7 per week (any size)
Speedy Hire From £27.24 per week (any size)

Not only do we have better reviews from our customers for a better price, but we’re also the only construction tool hire company in the industry that matches up to Feefo’s Platinum Service standards.

If you’ve made it to the end here and you’d like to hire from our range, please call our head branch on 0333 455 3976 where one of our professional tool hire team members can help you and answer any questions that you have.

We deliver for a low rate throughout the UK in our network of branches, so get in touch today!

Sarah Beeny Channel 4
“The company’s commitment to supplying high-quality equipment, backed by great customer service, has won it a nationwide reputation for efficiency and reliability” Sarah Beeny Channel 4


Why Choose Lakeside-Hire?

Are you concerned that hired gear might not be up to scratch? You needn’t worry – we thoroughly check every piece of equipment every time it returns from a job, and everything meets Health and Safety rules and regulations. We pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations with every hire.

Looking for trench struts instead? We also provide these for hire. Trench Props Hire


Our minimum order is £50 before VAT

We understand that more than just money is lost when your equipment is late or cannot be delivered or collected when you need it to be.

Our delivery options:

Standard Service

Delivery between 07:00-11:59
Collection between 08:00-17:00
£15.00 each way, delivery and collection

Standard delivery is Free if your hire is longer than three weeks.

Timed Service

Within the M25
Booking slot by the hour = £45.00
(ie between 09:00-10:00)
Exact time = £60.00

Specialist Services

1. Out of hours - we can arrange deliveries and collections outside of normal times. Prices start from £60

2. Waiting time - if you only need the equipment for a few hours we can provide a van to wait at your site ready for when you are finished with the equipment. Waiting time is charged at £30 per half hour.

For areas outside the M25 we can supply a hire service from a third party. Whilst this service is not covered by our standard guarantee, we will guarantee that you will recieve the equipment you need the very next day. Delivery and collection for rehire service is £15 each way anywhere in the country.

Ask your Hire Co-ordinator for more details.

Powered Access Service & Delivery

We are now pleased to off a range of powered access to cater for a wide variety of your projects. As this is a specilaist area in access please check which delivery services are available when place your order with your Hire Co-ordinator.


Give us a call to arrange your collection, off-hire your equipment with no-fuss and we will get it collected as soon as possible.

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