Pallet Truck Hire

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Pallet Truck Hire

Are you looking to hire a Pallet Truck? Need to move heavy pallets or other loads around a warehouse, factory, or shop without a forklift? Our heavy-duty 2 Tonne manual pallet trucks have excellent maneuverability for manual lifting & shifting of stock, such as bricks, without the need for an expensive forklift truck. Available from us at economical hire rates with next-day delivery.

Our pallet truck hire, designed for moving loads over smooth surfaces, features a pump-action to elevate stock and decrease it. This pump truck hire can raise an item that weighs approximately 2000kg.

When you order your truck, we can assure you that you will receive a product that has gone through rigorous repair, maintenance and safety checks, and has a great user experience.

I have a specific requirement for my pallet truck. What do you have?

The fact is, our standard pallet truck won’t cut it for everyone. That’s why, as a tool hire company, we have diversified our range in all shapes and sizes so that every person can do their job without spending an extortionate rate, having to get a credit account, or dealing with other details.

Electric Pallet Trucks. Need to move heavy items? We have a hire fleet of electric pallet trucks for hire. The main benefits of electric pallet truck hire are that you have a boost when you’re shifting items around. Our powered pallet trucks are perfect for access to a site or project that requires electric power. Powered pallet trucks will cover a range of use. Ideal for demanding storehouse environments.

All-Terrain Pallet Trucks. If you aren’t working in a flat environment such as a warehouse, that’s not a problem! We supply all-terrain pallet truck hire – an alternative that means whether on flat surfaces or not, you won’t get stuck.

We have various custom products and options available, such as wide fork, long reach, high lift, weight scale, and other such products in our selection to suit needs for someone who needs different types and variety. View all products and further details such as prices and VAT on our website.

How easy is it to hire a pallet truck?

We’ve taken the standard hiring process, removed a few unnecessary details and hoops that other hire companies will make you jump through, making it a matter of simplicity to hire. Here’s how easy it is to order:

  1. Order by phone, email, or through our website with your delivery address, email address, payment details, and your driver’s license number for security. You don’t need a deposit, credit account, or any other random information.
  2. Receive the shipment of your high-quality pallet machine from a branch in your area in working order, and free of any mud, grime, or safety issues.
  3. Once the duration of your hire period has ended, and you’d like to return it, we have the capacity to return it on the day – we won’t play confusing games with our customers.

You might be thinking: “But I need pallet truck hire near me.” We have several hire centre branches in various areas in the UK, whether you are in London or not. This level of service means we have to capacity to provide our reliable next-day delivery for our hire equipment without the sluggish transportation that limits other hire companies.

The pallet truck for hire range is essentially a safe and practical way to move goods with minimal effort.

Many businesses throughout the UK rely on our pallet truck hire service to shift their goods from A to B. If you require our pallet trucks, our pallet vehicle solution is for load moving/material handling requirements.

Where should I use a pallet truck?

You can use pallet trucks in various settings, from warehouses to shops. As a tool hire company, we’re experts in pallet trucks services, and we have a variety of pallet vehicles offered for times average results.

Pallet trucks are essentially tiny forklifts used to move pallets around a stockroom. They raise the load enough to clear the ground so that the operator can move it. Our tool hire company has pallet vehicle hire across England, with a branch near you.

These pallet trucks are useful tools that have the capacity for a load of up to 2.5 tonnes. They feature a simple three-position movement control for our customers, so no need for forklifts on your site. The stiff polyurethane rubber wheels and rollers make one perfect for places such as industrial, engineering, or construction sites.

To place an order on one, make any inquiries, or get support, get in touch with us; we have the capacity to reply promptly.

Minimum Lift Height: 80mm, Maximum Lift Height: 190mm, Fork Length: 1150mm, Fork Width: 540mm, Fork Spacing: 230mm, Steer Wheel: Nylon, Roller Wheel: Nylon, Weight: 70kg

“The company’s commitment to supplying high-quality equipment, backed by great customer service, has won it a nationwide reputation for efficiency and reliability.”

Sarah Beeny Channel 4

Why Choose Lakeside-Hire?

Are you concerned that hired equipment might not be up to scratch? You needn’t worry – we thoroughly check every piece of equipment every time it returns from a job, and all the equipment meets Health and Safety rules and regulations. We pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations with every Standard Pallet Truck Hire.

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