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If you’re an electrician, then you know that conduit bending is a critical skill. Not only is it necessary to create the right shape for electrical wiring, but it’s also important to make sure the conduits are properly secured. That’s why many electricians choose to hire a conduit bender when they need this type of work done. They access the right areas using scaffold tower hire.

Are you in need of a conduit bender for a job? If so, you may be wondering where to start your search. There are a few things to consider when hiring a conduit bender. So, we’ll cover each of these factors in detail so that you can make the best decision.

What is a conduit bender?

A conduit bender is a machine that is used to bend pipes. This type of machine is often used to create the correct form for electrical wires. Conduit benders come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so it’s important to choose one that is appropriate for the job at hand.

When they don’t want the cables to sink into the wall, electricians make metal tubes and then feed electric cables through them to protect them. They produce quick and accurate bends around corners and obstructions using a conduit bender.

The bends are created via the use of conduit-specific “guides” or “formers,” which are sized differently for various diameter steel pipes depending on the type of tube Electricians use.

Why use a conduit bender?

Conduit benders are especially important when you need to bend with precision and accuracy. This is true with both conduit benders and regular pipe benders.

In many cases, setting up your steel or copper pipe with the correct curves and angles is a necessary component of building and upkeep projects. What’s more, bending pipes is usually less expensive than having to construct separate fittings. Along with hiring a cutting station, this can speed up job completion times.

What types of benders are there?

There are two main types of benders: manual and hydraulic conduit benders. Manual Benders are operated by hand, while hydraulic pipe Benders use a pump to power the machine. A conduit bender is a manual, hand-operated bender.

What do they do?

This type of machine is often used by electricians to make sure the conduits are properly secured, and that pipes and tubes are bent with precision.

Conduit benders can bend 20, 25, and 32mm galvanized steel conduit and black enamel conduits.

How do they work?

Benders work by using a variety of tools to bend pipes. These tools include a Bender die, which is used to create the desired shape, and a Bender shoe, which is used to hold the pipe in place while it is being bent.

Who uses a conduit bender?

Conduit benders are most often used by electricians. Fire alarm installers and sprinkler system installers also use conduit benders on occasion.

The types of jobs a conduit bender can do

Conduit benders can be used for a variety of jobs, including bending an electrical conduit, creating accurate bends, bending water pipes, and gas lines. They can also be used to create custom shapes for metalwork projects.

How to choose a conduit bender

When you need to hire a conduit bender, there are a few things you should keep in mind to choose the right one. First, consider the type of project you’ll be working on.

Second, think about the size of the conduit you’ll be working with. The larger the diameter, the more powerful the bender will need to be. Finally, make sure you choose a bender that’s easy to use and has features that will make your job easier.

Why choose Conduit bender hire?

There are a few reasons you might want to hire a Bender. However, the main one is that hiring a Bender can be more cost-effective than buying one outright, especially if you only need it for a short period of time.

Conduit Bender Hire. Price Comparison – Per Week
LAKESIDE-HIRE £29.00 per week
HSS Hire From £73.00 per week
Brandon Hire £60.98 per week

What are the benefits of conduit bender hire?

A conduit bender is a piece of machinery used by electricians. If you’re an electrician, the benefits of hiring a conduit bender are clear: it helps you do your job more quickly and efficiently. Speaking of speed if you also hire a pipe rack with this you’ll find you always have the conduit you need in the right place.

Another benefit of hiring a conduit bender is that they are light and easy to use, even if you’ve had little experience with them before.

Benefits of hiring with Lakeside-Hire

A key benefit when you hire from us is flexibility during the tool hire period and affordability. We offer same-day access to our delivery van if you need our equipment for just a few hours; we can wait on-site and collect the equipment as soon as you’re done with a little extra charge.

At any time of day or night, you may have a van bring and retrieve our pipe bending device. For any call back requests, we are available Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays.

Pipe vice and conduit benders

Pipe vices are often used in conjunction with conduit benders. A pipe vice is a tool that helps to hold the pipe in place while it is being bent. A handy vice fitted to a worktable or bench is useful for many tasks, not just electrical ones. This ensures that the pipe is bent in the correct way and prevents it from slipping out of place. Then to thread the conduit use a Pipe threader, hire one here.

What makes our Conduit pipe benders stand out?

Our pipe benders are specially designed to be straightforward to use. Degree increments are marked on the casting of both 15 and 22mm formers to improve precision when measuring. A solid lug secures the pipe bending machine in place while it is being bent. What’s more, our pipe bender tools are completely portable.

Further information

Our conduit bender for hire’s Hilmor manufacturer product code is EL32 with a diameter of 20mm, 25mm and 32mm. If you’re looking for a conduit bender for hire, Lakeside-Hire has the perfect solution for you.

Our conduit benders are affordable and reliable. We also have a variety of other tools and equipment available, such as pipe bender hire, so you can get the job done right. To learn more about our damage waiver, delivery charges and prices, head over to our website.

With Lakeside-Hire, you can be sure that you’re getting quality equipment that will help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best possible service and equipment. Contact us today to learn more about our conduit bender hire services!

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