BoSS Scaffold Towers – Top Features, Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

BoSS scaffolding (formerly Youngman towers) is one of the leading access equipment brands in the UK and Europe, offering a range of scaffold towers, podiums, scissor lifts, and other components designed to meet the highest quality and safety standards.


This post will explore the features of BoSS scaffold towers and what makes them a reputable brand.

Is BOSS Scaffolding the best you can get?


There is no way to objectively tell whether Boss is the best scaffolding brand in the UK, since every project may need different features and properties from a scaffolding tower. Same goes with other scaffolding brands – you can’t really say which one is the best out there. Rather, what matters is that you can get the job done safely. With BoSS scaffold towers, you definitely can. 

One thing is certain though – BoSS is traditionally one of the leading and most reputable brands of scaffolding in the UK and Europe.

Let’s go over some of the features that make BoSS towers so popular.


Pros of BOSS scaffolding


Safe & regulated

BoSS scaffolding products are manufactured to comply with the British Standard BS EN 1004:2005, which specifies the design, performance, and safety requirements for mobile access and working towers made of prefabricated elements.


Modern & technologically advanced

BoSS scaffolding products feature the latest innovations and technologies, such as the Camlock AGR (Advanced Guard Rail) system, which allows for quick and easy assembly and dismantling of the guard rails without the need for tools or separate components.


Versatile and practical

BoSS scaffold towers are versatile and adaptable, as they can be used for various applications and environments, such as industrial, trade, domestic, stairwell, liftshaft, cantilever, etc. 


They also have different sizes and heights to suit different needs.


Durable & lasting

BoSS scaffolding products are durable and reliable, as they are made of high-quality materials, such as aluminium alloy or fibreglass (GRP), that are strong, light, corrosion-resistant, and easy to transport.


Like all other products, BoSS scaffolding has weak points too, listed below.

Cons and disadvantages of BoSS scaffoling:


BoSS scaffolding products are generally more expensive than other brands of scaffold towers, both in terms of purchase and maintenance. This is because they use more costly materials and it’s harder to manufacture these towers.


Hiring BoSS scaffold towers is a great workaround considering their high prices.

We offer well-maintained aluminium BoSS scaffold towers as well as the famous Cam-Lock Advance Guardrail model.

If you need help selecting BoSS scaffolding for your project needs – give us a call today!


These towers may have lower availability than other brands of scaffold towers, as they are not widely stocked by many suppliers or retailers. Obviously, if you rent Boss scaffolding from us – we will have the models available any time you need it and in any quantities and configurations.


BoSS towers may have lower compatibility with other equipment, as they use different components and systems that may not fit well with other brands or models. You may need to buy or hire additional parts or accessories to make them work with other scaffold towers.


Working with established equipment hire providers like Lakeside eliminates that problem – our consultants can help you build any scaffolding configuration you may ever need.


Alternatives to BOSS scaffolding


If you are unable to use BoSS scaffolding for your goals, take a look at the following brands:


Lewis Scaffold Towers


A British manufacturer of scaffold towers and other access equipment since 2004. They offer a range of scaffold towers, including industrial ladder scaffold towers, trade folding towers (Miniscaff), advanced guard rail towers, stairwell scaffold towers, and liftshaft towers. They also provide scaffold safety and debris netting, tower accessories, and spare parts.


Aluminium Scaffold Towers Ltd.


The UK’s largest supplier of scaffold towers, ladders, loft ladders, and access equipment. They offer a range of scaffold towers, including industrial span towers, trade span towers, trade folding towers (Miniscaff), stairwell scaffold towers, liftshaft towers, podium steps, and tower accessories. They also provide free next day delivery and a no quibble lifetime guarantee.


Roofing Superstore


An online retailer of roofing materials and tools. They offer a range of scaffold platforms and podiums both from BoSS and other brands, all of them safe and secure, adjustable to different heights, foldable for easy storage, and have captive decks for security. They also provide scaffolding accessories such as toe board clips, fixed decks, diagonal braces, adjustable legs, timber side toe boards, etc.

Interested in renting BoSS Scaffold towers for your project? Give us a call or place your order right away!