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When tackling construction jobs at a great height, you will need to use a high-quality scaffold tower hire company to get the job done properly, and to ensure that you are safe and secure for the entirety of the job. Lakeside-Hire offer a great range of strong, Aluminium-made scaffold towers, assembled for you with multiple safety features, providing a secure and stable, mobile platform to work on without any safety concerns.
Although our scaffold towers are durable, their Aluminium properties make it easy to assemble due to its lightness in weight, and requireless effort when dismantling it after long hours of hard work. They provide a broad platform and can handle a significant amount of weight, so heavy equipment can be easily stored on the tower, allowing for continuous workflow. From bridges to sloped roofs, and ranging in heights and sizes, our scaffold towers are fully safety checked and suitable for any building under construction to provide security and stability when working in these risky environments.
Need a big boost to get to those hard-to-reach places? Browse our guide to aluminium scaffold tower rental and guide to scaffolding regulations and standards to find the most cost-effective and suitable one for you.

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