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Keep your back unbroken, and say goodbye to hefty struggles with your equipment! Lakeside Hire has a huge range of lifting equipment supplies for all your building needs, all fully safety checked and assembled for you. Whether it’s glass or mobile lifting equipment, or stone magnet hire, we have the gear that you need.

Our fully-trained and experienced staff are professionals, and have been in the industry for years. Their experience with picking the right tools for the job, and ability to fully prepare and assemble your lifting equipment makes them extremely helpful to your project and your safety

As with all our equipment for hire, Lakeside Hire takes equipment safety for lifting solutions very seriously; we recommend all hirers read our ultimate guide to lifting gear, and to ensure that they are up to date with the latest legal requirements behind the equipment they hire from us.

Whatever your project, and whatever your budget, Lakeside Hire will have the perfect tool for your job, at the perfect price.

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