Different Kinds of Scaffold Tower – Hire The Best Providers To Ensure Work Safety

There are different options available to anyone seeking a top-quality scaffold tower; hire reputable providers to ensure construction work safety, regardless of whether the job is a simple or a complex one. Here are four popular choices to select from — each has a special feature that’s designed for a specific purpose.

The first type is the Cuplock scaffolding system which is very basic and can be used for moderate heights. Every level looks like a box and a wide platform can be placed on each level. While the whole structure looks rather stable, as a standing platform, it may not be able to support more than one adult at a time as there’s no centre support for each level.

Second one is the Frame type of scaffolding which has a very stable base and can be adjusted to any height. Most big constructions make use of this scaffolding tower because it’s sturdy and includes aluminium staircases for easier access and climbing. Worth mentioning as well is that there are many ways of customising the frame to suit the structural stability requirements of the work the equipment is going to be used for.

Third is the African type of scaffolding tower which is used for masonry. This is a relatively new type of scaffolding – simple yet very durable. It’s basically a quick-lock scaffolding system which is very versatile in function and can be used beyond the realms of the construction industry. Despite its simple framework and easy installation, this scaffolding system can bear great weights. Apart from aluminium, the African type scaffolding tower can also be made from other metal alloys that are greatly similar to aluminium when it comes to durability.

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Fourth is the mobile aluminium tower scaffolding system which a lot of construction companies make sure to have, apart from the fixed options. This mobile scaffolding provides workers with a safe and time-efficient way of going about their different construction duties.

It does not need to be attached to any building structure, unlike independent scaffolding – workers can push and pull it easily to move on to the next area of work. This system has stoppers which keep them from rolling away. Mobile scaffolding can only be built to a certain height and width for it’s going to be too difficult to move if it becomes too wide, tall and heavy.

The most important consideration in using this type of scaffolding is to place it on leveled ground for safe use. Mobile aluminium has many uses in construction but it’s also quite often used as a performing stage element.

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