Use a Scaffold Tower For Easy House Painting

House painting

Although scaffolding would be fairly over-the-top, scaffold towers really do the trick for making house painting a piece of cake. Scaffold towers don’t require piles of men trudging around your home as they wrap your property in metal.

What do-it-yourself experts suggest nowadays is an aluminium scaffold tower. Not only are towers infinitely more practical for looking skilled when slopping on the paint, but they also give you a great bit of boasting power down the pub.

Aluminium Scaffold Towers: Quick and Simple To use

The Boss Tower is generally consider the UK’s most popular and widely-used scaffold tower. It has colour-coded click-in braces, toe-boards, wheels and stabilisers. Although it’s a serious bit of kit, it’s easy to mistake for a big boys’ Meccano that gives 30 – 60 mins of sublime building time.

Mission: Paint Your Own Home

Nothing beats a lick of paint for cheering a house up. Even though it may be quite a task, it’s definitely a job you’ll be able to do fairly easily by yourself. Like most things, however, it is really worth doing it well from the off. Opt for a regular English summer’s day – overcast and and maybe a little warm – so you do not burn up and so your hard work lasts.

Allocate a whole weekend for the painting mission. Clearly the more helpers you use, the shorter the job will take, and the more enjoyable it’ll be. Hire two scaffold towers to try and do two walls at once – make it even easier on yourself!

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House Painting Shopping List

(a) Hire an aluminium scaffold tower (41,000 individuals annually end up in hospital following falling off a ladder – surely it’s a no-brainer!)

(b) A wire brush

(c) Sandpaper

(d) Water – a high-pressure hose would be perfect if you can lay your hands on one

(e) Goggles

(f) Mask

(g) Exterior primer

(h) Exterior paint

(i) Brushes/rollers

(j) Dust sheets/old sheets (confirm they’re old with ‘she who must be obeyed’ before using the sheets!) Cover anything that doesn’t need to be painted!

(k) For oil-based wallpaper you are going to need white spirit to clean any rogue splodges and spills; for water-based paint, use normal water.

(l) A screwdriver – to take down fixtures and fittings.

(m) Big bottle of drinking water on the scaffold tower plus a 6-pack cooling in the fridge.

Scaffold Tower

Hire a 5.2 metre tower to provide you with solid access to a two-storey household. With its wide platform you can reach the biggest areas of wall without needing to stretch beyond your limit and dice with death. Save your life and save time by hiring an aluminium scaffold tower!

The Boss aluminium scaffold tower will come with instructions, that can swot up from in secret before stepping out into the street to put the scaffold tower up. No expertise or particular tools are necessary to build the scaffold tower; but you don’t need to share that information with your approving neighbours.


Armed with goggles, mask and Marigolds (optional), climb your scaffold tower and clean from the top-down. Prepare your painting surface: dispose of flaky, peeling or cracking paint; pull out old nails; scrub mildew; repair everything that should be fixed. Safe up your scaffold tower you, your wire brush and flashy high-pressure hose can treat your long-suffering home to a bit of deep-cleansing pampering.

Smarten up the Walls

… Not the car, windows, flowerbed, garden-path or neighbour’s pond. Keep as much as possible under dust sheets or you will spend a lot of time on your hands and knees scrubbing away splodges when you should be relaxing and enjoying a beer.

Buying the Wallpaper

Get your maths’ hat on and figure out your wall dimensions, don’t forget gable ends, door and window frames and gutters. With figures in hand, the nice chap at the shop will help out with how much to buy. Most do-it-yourself retailers will refund unused tins, so don’t hold back!


Blend a number of tins together, so that you’re using exactly the same colour for the whole wall.

If the sun works harder than you thought it would and makes an appearance on your painting weekend, then follow the sun as you paint. Working in the shade is better for you, and the sun will dry your wall quickly and uniformly. Occasions like this make you realise how vital a piece of equipment a hired scaffold tower is. Shifting and shunting a ladder wastes painting time, which will result in your paint drying as you are shin up and down a ladder, thus a patchy wall.

Brush or Roller?

For those bigger sections of wall a roller is a very good choice, but a brush will nonetheless be perfect for the detailing. Continue to work from the top down, even when you have the end on your sights and you’re doing those final fussy bits.

Painting your home is a large undertaking, for sure, but the satisfaction you are going to feel when it’s finished is worth every minute. A little bit of house-scaffold-owner bonding will please you and impress your neighbours – maybe enough to encourage them to paint their own home. Don’t forget to take a photo of you up the scaffold tower, brush in hand and large ‘I did it’ grin!