Large Scale Lighting Solutions For Large Scale Events

Lighting For Large Scale Events

Lighting for large events is interesting. If it’s done well, it’s not something that most people notice. However, they will certainly notice if something goes on. It’s not the star of the show, but it has a major impact on the success of any show. Event Lighting hire? You may be able to use standard work lights for small events. If you want to illuminate a large event, you’ll need large scale lighting solutions.

Don’t assume that it’s only warm weather events that need good lighting. There are events such as Christmas markets, winter concerts, and festivals where large scale lighting is required. These events run well past dusk during these shorter days.

Lighting for hire including floodlights are the best choices for these events. Keep reading to learn about your best options for lighting up your winter events, and to review some best practices.

Portable Floodlights

Portable floodlights are a great solution for outdoor events of all kinds. They work particularly well at outdoor sporting events, concerts, and practices where the weather can be unpredictable. These lights are relatively lightweight making them easy to pack in and out of your event.

Mast Floodlights

This mast floodlight is tall, 4X500W, and fully adjustable. Use these floodlights when you need to light up a wide area. Take advantage of the adjustability to create the perfect lighting design.

Lighting for large events

Best Lighting Hire Practices

The lighting options listed above are just a couple of the choices available to you when it comes to lighting large scale events. There are certainly other lighting for hire options. We encourage you to look through all of your choices. In addition to this, there are some other things to consider. 

The placement of your lighting is very important. This contributes to the overall ambience of your event. In addition to this, you may need to consider which areas might need additional lighting. For example, you may need more lighting around a stage. Exits and entrances often require additional lighting for safety. You may be required to illuminate under stage and backstage areas as well. Don’t forget to consider the parking area as well.

With some events,  you may also have the job of creating a certain look or feel. This may be done with smaller lights, colored filters, fairy lights, etc.

Now, consider how you will handle overhead lighting. To safely get equipment up to a height, you may need to hire a lift. This will allow you to set up lights safely with less risk of damage or injuries.