5 Reasons The Genie Superlift is so Popular

Why Genie Superlift is so Popular

The Genie Superlift is a true workhorse. It’s one of the most popular lifting options we have available. That should not come as a surprise at all. In fact, the Genie Superlift brings massive strength to the job site, and is quite user-friendly. This is the ideal option, if you need any lift. Take a look at your options, and you can see that you have several models to choose from.

Here are five reasons the Genie Superlift became so popular.

1. Telescoping Mast System

This is a relatively simple feature, but it creates a significant amount of convenience. The Genie Superlift has a patented telescopic mast system. This makes it easier to lift items to significant heights, but also creates a streamlined unit for efficient storage. Best of all, no strength is lost.

2. Convenient Storage

If you struggle with space on your job site, the Genie may be the right choice for you. The legs on the Superlift fold up quite nicely. This means that you can store it away in a fairly small space when you aren’t actively using it.

3. Adaptability

On most job sites, you need something that can lift a variety of tools and materials to different heights. Moving around objects of different shapes, sizes, weights, and densities can be complex.

Rather than hiring a different lift for each job, consider the Genie Superlift. It can be kitted with several accessories. These include pipe support brackets, boom crane attachments, and extension forks. These extensions are readily available for anyone who wishes to hire a Genie Lift SLA Superlift (most popular SLA 10 and SLA 25 models are available at discount hire rates). We also offer the gas version (powered by CO2 or compressed air). Both have a portable and compact design and can be set up on site in seconds – no tools required.

4. Easy to Manoeuvre in The Work Area

It’s easy to see that this lift was designed to be moved about efficiently. Workers will be able to manoeuvre it quite easily through even single-width doorways, and into other small spaces. This is due to the Genie’s straddle base design that emphasizes efficiency.

5. Set up is Fast And Simple

The Genie Superlift was created with ease of use in mind. While other equipment requires complex setup, even special tools, the Superlift was created with simplicity in mind. These lifts can be easily adjusted, with modifications being done without the need for special tools.

Genie Superlift Popularity

Final Thoughts

If you need a versatile lift that works in any space, and is very user-friendly, consider the Genie Superlift. This handy piece of equipment is available to hire at your convenience. 

Also, make sure to have a look at our other lifting and handling equipment page. We take equipment safety very seriously and we have some great picks for you. 

Lastly, we recommend our hirers reading our ultimate guide to lifting gear. This is to ensure that you are up to date with the latest legal requirements, understand the most important things you should consider before hiring equipment from us and hopefully get some useful tips from us.