The Business Case to go LED This Winter

LED lighting solution

If you’re on the search for lighting solutions that are safer, energy efficient, longer lasting, more effective, and cost-effective, LED lighting should be on your shortlist. LED is often the better choice when compared to halogen, incandescent, or fluorescent lighting. Whether you are seeking a permanent solution, or LED lighting for hire, it may be time to seriously consider this option.

LED is an Energy Efficient Solution

This may be the biggest advantage of LED lighting. LED lights have an energy efficiency rating of 95%. For a bit of perspective, halogen bulbs are rated at 5%. Your LED lights will use significantly less energy. Even better, if you use LED during the winter, you might see some significant savings in your energy bills. That’s especially helpful during these months when energy costs tend to go up overall.

LED Can be Part of an Overall Effort to Boost Workplace Safety

LED bulbs remain cool, even after they’ve been on for long periods of time. Further, LED doesn’t use any toxic chemicals, making them workplace safe and environmentally friendly. Installing permanent LED lighting fixtures in your workspaces while also using safe, office-friendly scaffolding could be step one in making your offices safer this winter.

LED lighting improves working condition

LED Improves Working Conditions

LED lighting lends to a much better work environment when compared to other options. They produce a white light which works better in otherwise poorly lit areas. Further, LED lighting doesn’t scatter the way other lights do. The light they emit can be better focused on work areas, and the light is brighter. If you have workers who need to do detailed work, this will help them significantly. Further, other workers won’t be annoyed by the glare created by other types of lighting.

Less Time Spent on Maintenance

An LED light can last well over 10,000 hours. That means you’ll replace yours less frequently when you install them permanently. That’s one less thing for your maintenance team to fret about.

Hire LED Lighting

You have several options available to you when it comes to hiring LED floodlights, rechargeable lights, tripod lights, and more. If you do choose LED lighting, you will create safer workplaces, save money, and provide your team with a more productive work environment. Feel free to reach out if you need to hire LED lighting for a job site, or want access equipment to help you install new lighting solutions.