Expanding Our Range With The Latest High Performance Boss PA-LIFT

As the UK’s most popular equipment hire and tool rental company, we are always on the search for new equipment to add to our ever-increasing range.

So, we’re happy to announce our latest investment in the new generation model of heavy-duty aerial devices, the BoSS PA-Lift for hire. The new scissor lift BoSS PA-lift comes with a list of additional functions not found with its predecessors the x3 and 3×3.s.

What is the BoSS PA-Lift?

The BoSS PA-Lift is a heavy-duty scissor lift that can reach heights of up 5.4 metres with a platform capacity of 250kg. It weighs 375 kg and has a stowed height of 1.76 meters, an overall length of 1.43 meters, and an overall width of 760 mm, allowing it to pass through single doors and fit into a passenger lift. This allows the lift to be used and access more locations than ever before.

Where can the BoSS PA-Lift be used?

The BoSS PA-lift is suited for a wide range of tasks, including building and maintenance, as well as fit and strip-out, shopfitting, painting and decorating, general upkeep, cleaning, and facilities management.

Key Features

The key difference between the BoSS PA-Lift and previous models is a new addition of hydraulic outriggers for increased stability, as well as a range of additional safety features.

The new BoSS PA-Lift push also claims to be the first to possess industry-leading features of an overhead proximity sensor. The electronic sensor is installed at platform height on the outside of the machine and gives an audible warning when it senses an overhead obstruction at three meters. The alarm’s frequency will increase as the operator approaches, like a vehicle’s reverse warning. At two meters, the platform will automatically come to a halt.

The operator can then press a function to enable a button to alter the platform’s height. A retractable fence, a confined space barrier, and anti-climb guards that prevent users from climbing over the side guardrails to gain extra height are just a few of the additional features available.

The new improved models have the following features:

  • Efficient pneumatic system means it has superior strength, durability and safety.
  • Fits through a standard doorway or into a passenger lift
  • Easy to manoeuvre via heavy-duty castors with non-marking tyres
  • Swift and smooth platform ascent and descent
  • State-of-the-art control unit with integrated tilt sensor
  • Send machine diagnostics via smartphone
  • Tilt and overload warning lights, alarm, and interlocks
  • Overhead obstruction detection with alarm frequency increase and interlock
  • Built-in impact protection on corners and front of chassis
  • Toolbox containing charging cables and guardrail tools with a tray mounted on the guardrail
  • 3-year parts warranty

As if all these features are not more than enough proof of the machine’s capabilities the lift also comes with the approval stamp of our very own managing director Matt Browne who attended Vertikal Days (largest crane and access equipment exhibition in Europe) specifically to see the new BoSS PA-lift.

Matt was very impressed by the new features and declared, “Its improved working height and compact dimensions make it a perfect fit for our customers, and importantly they have managed this without increasing the overall weight. They have also worked hard to modernise the ease of maintenance and we are excited to experience the benefits of the remote diagnostics system.”

All in all, the new scissor lift BoSS PA-Lift is the perfect solution for a wide range of tasks. The machine’s features are impressive, yet easy to navigate, with safety being a top priority. We cannot wait to see what our customers think of this new generation machine now available through us!