Average Costs to Fix or Repair a House

Purchasing your first home is a real accomplishment and a matter of pride for many of us. Unfortunately, many people often fail to consider the costs of maintenance and home repair when they decide exactly how much they can afford to spend on a house. If you’re considering buying a home, or if you are creating your household budget, it’s a good idea to create an emergency fund for necessary household repairs.

Emergency Repairs to Consider

The first thing you’ll want to consider is your budget for emergency home repairs. These are fixes that you must take care of quickly so that your house remains comfortably livable, and further damage doesn’t occur.

Of course, what you can or cannot live with in terms of repairs will depend on other factors. If it’s spring or summer, you may be able to delay a radiator repair for a month or two.

Budgeting For Other Remodeling Projects

You may also wish to take on projects that allow you to increase the value of your home, or make living there more enjoyable. It can help to know the cost of these as well. Here are some of the more common jobs homeowners take on.

  • Basic Redecorating like Painting and Plastering (have a look at our podium steps or hire GRP steps for higher walls)
  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Converting Your Garage

Obviously, these are just a couple of examples. In any case, it may be helpful to consider these dream projects as you begin saving for your home repair costs.

Treat Home Repairs Like a Monthly Expense

An emergency repair can be disastrous if you’re already squeaking by. Rather than waiting for disaster to strike, treat your home repair budget as if it is yet another monthly bill. Contribute to it regularly, whether you need it or not. This way, the funds are there when you need them. While needs vary, some say that you should save 1% of your home’s value each year towards repairs.

How Much do Home Repairs Cost?

When it comes to remodelling and repairing your home, it’s beneficial to know what you will pay. Take a look at the following infographic for some average prices.

Average Costs to Fix or Repair a House