How to install a lintel using a Strongboy

First, gather the correct equipment. Strongboy hire and Acrow Prop hire are the most cost-effective way of getting hold of the best tools for the job. Safety goggles, steel-toe capped boots and gloves are also essential.

You first task is to install a lintel to hold the weight of the wall before you start removing bricks to make the opening.

Make sure you organise your Strongboy hire and Acrow Prop hire at least a day in advance. Strongboy hire and Acrow Prop hire is often the best option because it is cost-effective, easy and just a phone call away.

Next you need to check the floor is strong enough to take the weight of the props once they are secured in the wall. A concrete floor would probably be ok but it is best to remove floorboards and check the joists to ensure a strong support. If in doubt use a plank of wood underneath the props to distribute the weight.

Carefully make holes in the walls for the Strongboys by removing some of the mortar using a power drill and a masonry bit. The Strongboys should be no further than three feet apart.

Install the Strongboys and tighten the screw to take the weight of the wall. Do not over tighten. Once secure, you can remove enough bricks to make way for the lintel using an angle grinder and a diamond tipped disk to cut away the mortar or remove it with a masonry bit and power drill before taking out the bricks using a bolster chisel and heavy hammer.

Install a reinforced concrete lintel for internal openings and make sure the lintel extends at least six inches each side of the new window or doorway.

Put a bed of mortar on the top of the lintel and mortar on the bearing points so you can position the lintel and make sure it is level. Allow 24 hours to let it settle.

Once the mortar has hardened, you can remove the Acrow Props and the Strongboys and fill in the holes. You can now carefully remove the bricks for the actual opening.

If you have any doubts you should seek advice from a structural surveyor or employ an expert to do the job for you.

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1. Select the height you require for your opening and take out one or two bricks above the joint you wish to work to.

2. Place the STRONGBOY on top of the prop and adjust to your required working height.

3. For maximum safety the STRONGBOY should be placed where the handle sits against the face of the wall being supported.

4. On normal cavity walls, the maximum distance from the the centre line of the ‘acrow’ prop, to centre line of the cavity wall or is 215mm ( 9’’ inches). Or using the leading edge of the hammer plate as a guide. Measure 150mm to the centre of the cavity.

N.B. (Where joints do not line up in a cavity wall you may need to insert a suitable solid wedge between the loading plate and the supported structure.)

5. On single leaf walls the maximum distance from the centre of the ‘acrow’ prop to the centre of the wall should be 305mm. ( 12 inches)

6. Tighten the prop until the loading plate is is fully engaged with the brickwork and is load bearing. ( DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN)

7. For wider hole on stable walls the STRONGBOYS should be positioned and maximum of 900mm apart. For less stable structures or where there are old mortar joints it may be necessary to position the STRONGBOYS closer together.

8. The maximum safe working height is 3m from finished floor level.

9. Maximum safe working load is 340 Kg

10. The STRONGBOY should only be used where the wall to be supported is adequately braced against lateral forces, e.g. a floor within 500mm of the STRONGBOY.

11. Props must be used in a VERTICAL position on a clean solid and stable floor or substrate capable of supporting the desired weight.

12. Always use STRONGBOYS in a safe and workmanlike manner.



The term STRONGBOY and the STRONGBOY logo are registered trademarks


Weight 5.8kg
Safe Working Load 340kg
Model WS30I
Height 787mm
Width 380mm
Diameter 150mm
Working Width 230mm
Length 685mm
Maximum Working Height 3m
Health and Safety Strongboys are designed to work with props manufactured to BS 4074:1982 with a plate dimension of 150mm and may not work safely with other props.