Should You Use a Scissor Lift or a Boom Lift?

Should We Use Scissor Lift or a Boom Lift

A lift is one of the safest, most reliable tools for working in small places. They’re easy to move in and out of place. They also provide a stable work platform.

When you hire a lift, you have two choices. Should you use a scissor lift or a boom lift? In order to make the best decision, please consider the following questions.

Will You Need to Place Equipment on Your Lift?

If you’ll have cleaning supplies, power tools, painting gear, or other equipment with you, consider a scissor lift. You will have plenty of room to stand, and a platform for your equipment. On the other hand, if you’re simply going up with the items you can fit on your tool belt, you can easily use a boom lift.

Is Cost a Consideration?

There are some variances depending on the exact equipment you rent, but scissor lifts are generally less expensive than boom lifts. That’s something to take into consideration when you consider your powered access choices

How High Will You be Working?

Generally, scissor lifts have a height limit of just over 15 meters. Boom lifts can go much higher, in some cases up to 39 or meters. So, if you need to work at a fairly significant height, you’ll definitely need a boom lift.

Scissor Lift vs Boom Lift

What About The Space Below Your Work Area?

Will other people or objects need to use the area beneath you? If yes, please consider a boom lift. You can park the lift off to the side or to the front or back, then extend the boom up and out to where you need it. This leaves the space open below.

If you have access to the space below, you can use a scissor lift. Just be careful if you are working in a place with public access. You may need to place security fencing as an extra measure to keep people and objects out of the area.

How Many People Need Access?

If more than one person will need room to work, the platform on a scissor lift may be preferable. There will be plenty of room for more than worker to stand. Of course, the exact amount of space available to you will depend on the lift you rent.

If you do need a boom lift for other reasons, there are options available to you. Some booms have platforms that can accommodate two workers.

Final Thoughts

Ideally, once you consider the answers to these questions, your decision will be fairly easy. However, if you still have questions, feel free to reach out to us for advice.