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When you need a super strong support system that won’t let you down choose Acrow Props Hire for safety, security and ultimate peace of mind.

Acrow props hire

These adjustable steel props, which are sometimes known as ‘acro props’, conveniently come in four different sizes and are specially designed to support a wide range of floors and temporary beams which allows you to get on with the job in complete confidence.


Description Length (m) Weight (KGs)
Closed Open
Standard No. 0 Props 1.041 1.829 11.28
Standard No. 1 Props 1.753 3.124 16.34
Standard No. 2 Props 1.981 3.352 17.48
Standard No. 3 Props 2.59 3.962 20.20
Standard No. 4 Props 3.2 4.876 23.84

Manufactured from an outer tube of 60.3mm diameter and an inner of 4.83mm diameter and with a friction welded threaded portion to the outer tube it means that Acrow has produced an even lighter prop that is just as strong.

All the Acrow struts meet current safety regulations and are tested to industry standards and can be used with additional attachments such as Strongboys.


Acrow Prop Price Comparison - Per Week
HSS Hire
£7.30 Per Week
Speedy Hire
£5.70 Per Week
Lakeside Hire
£4.00 Per Week

2 week minimum hire applies on order’s of less than 10.

All prices subject to VAT.


The enormously popular Acrow prop has become a household name in the construction industry but the product has not always been so popular.

Swiss-born inventor, William de Vigier invented the Acrow prop in the 1930s. He used his last £50 to set up a small workshop making steel props in London’s East End in 1935.

The props would revolutionise the building trade. Previously, workers had relied on time-consuming wooden pole scaffolding that had to sawn to fit each individual job.

But construction workers did not trust these new adjustable steel props. For three months sales were slow until a handful of builders started to buy the props.

Within just four years more than 40,000 Acrow props were in use daily on construction sites across the UK.

This product is perfect for taking the strain. They are so easy to install and can be used on supporting walls, ceilings, floors and temporary beams.

Dealing with supporting walls is always a tricky task but don’t take the risk and leave it to chance, hire Acrow props and take the weight off your shoulders.

Acrow props hire is just a phone call away. For further information and advice on acro prop hire call Lakeside-hire today.

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