Scaffold Tower Wall Protectors

Are you working in a finished building? Have concerns been raised over the equipment on site damaging the decor? This new impact protection system is designed to reduce impact and scuffing damage to all finished surfaces and can be fitted to scaffold towers, podium steps and work platforms.

Scaffold tower bumper hire

Why Use Scaffold Protectors?

All too often a truly professional job in the building trade can be spoiled in literally seconds when equipment accidentally comes into contact with finished walls and surfaces.

Don’t forget the finer details while you are working on site and make sure you usescaffold tower protectors to combat scuff and scrapes made by scaffold towers, work platforms and podium steps on new decor.

This innovative impact protection system is specially designed to help reduce bangs and scuffing damage to all finished surfaces which means you don’t have to keep retracing your steps and touch up paintwork time and time again.

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The system is so effective that today, most main contractors insist that scaffold tower protectors are used to prevent damage to paint work, plaster, fixtures and fittings.They understand just how much time and effort it saves their contractors if they not having to continually repeat work.

These scaffold tower protectors, manufactured from closed cell EVA, are made from top quality fire retardant foam material which meets all the industry safety standards. With an external diameter of 200mm, the system is so easy to use, the protectors simply push on around the scaffolding and can be fitted in just seconds.

The scaffold tower protectors are compatible with such a wide range of equipment, you don’t need different brands for each piece of apparatus, and they can be quickly fitted to eliminate castor brake scuffing on walls and skirting boards.

Available from Lakeside Hire for just 70p each, you can save literally pounds if you hire scaffold tower protectors along with all your other kit.

For such a small sum you will find you are safeguarding time and effort for yourself and your workers. Plus, you won’t have to pay out to repair accidental but often unavoidable damage frequently done by other equipment.

Scaffold tower protectors Price Comparison – Per Week

HSS Hire Not stocked
Speedy Hire £1.10 each per week
Lakeside Hire £0.70 each per week.
All prices subject to VAT.

Tower Protectors Spec

  • External diameter of 200 mm Stops castor brake scuffing walls and skirting’s
  • Internal diameter 54mm
  • Manufactured from closed cell EVA
  • Easy to fit

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