Ten Top Tips For Using A Ladder While Working At Height


Why You Should Choose Lakeside-Hire Ladders

Here are ten ways in which you can help minimalise risk in the workplace:

  • Make sure the base of the  ladder has a stable, flat platform on which to rest
  • Clean the rungs to ensure that it is free from debris
  • Wear appropriate, non-slip footwear
  • Do not over-reach
  • Always make sure you have three points of contact on the ladder
  • Only use the ladder for short periods 15 – 30 minute bursts
  • Make sure you are fit to work at height: if you are not feeling 100 per cent it can affect your ability to balance
  • Keep your body centred within the ladder to help you balance
  • Position the ladder properly and use the 1 in 4 rule
  • Inspect your ladder before use for any signs of wear and tear

Of course there are huge advantages to using a ladder and there are plenty different types to choose from.  Combination and extension ladders, Catwalk 400 steps, low-level platforms and builders steps can help contractors get to those hard-to-reach areas.

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If you hire a ladder you will find that all the equipment is tested to industry safety regulations, inspected to make sure every piece is in top condition.

Sometimes using a specialist ladder is necessary for working in sensitive areas on jobs involving electrical maintenance or wiring. The Grp fibreglass stepladder which is non-conductive to 30,000 volts offers the ideal solution.

Using a ladder makes it easy to continually adjust your working position in those difficult areas and saves you time because you don’t need to keep assembling and dismantling the equipment.