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Structural Work - Lakeside-Hire

Need some equipment to help you complete a structural job? Here is a selection of our most popular access products to help you get the job done.

Hire everything from acrow props to demount gantrys, genie lifts to strongboy props; whatever you need to make your project site as safe and simple as possible. Our amazing prices mean you can hire all the equipment you need for your site to be completely safe and efficient. Call us now, and you could have exactly what you need to get your job started tomorrow.

In most cases we are 69% cheaper than our competitors.

  • Genie Lift Hire
    Genie Lift
    • Compact, portable goes through doorways
    • No tools needed for set up
    • Extension forks available
    • Load capacities of 295kg to 454kg
    From £104.50
  • Acrow Prop Hire
    Acrow Props
    • Fully adjustable
    • Available in 5 sizes
    • Strongboy prop head attachment
    • Available nationwide
    From £4.40
  • Strongboy Props Hire
    Strongboy Props
    • Secure load bearing walls
    • Acrow prop attachment
    • Available nationwide
    From £6.60
  • Lightweight Demount Gantry
    Demount Gantry
    • Lightweight specification
    • Portable
    • Easy assembly
    • Available nationwide
    From £352.00