Scaffold tower hire or scaffolding. Which?

There are two types, conventional scaffolding or scaffold towers. Generally, conventional scaffolding arrives on a lorry with a team of professionals who will erect it for you.

The end result is a fixed scaffold tower which has platforms that cannot be adjusted. Although it is more costly than scaffold towers generally, it can be erected to higher heights, which is perfect for the construction site professional and specialist work.

Most suppliers recommend that conventional scaffolding is only used by professionals who have experience in erecting scaffolding.

So How Is Scaffold Tower Different?

Scaffold towers on the other hand have proven to be a much easier option for the DIYer or those who need to do a few jobs around the home.

Scaffold towers are available to hire at a reasonable price mainly because you do not have to pay someone to put it together for you.

The equipment comes with an easy-to-use colour coded cup and hook brace and a user guide to show you how to assemble the scaffold tower. You should be able to put it together in under an hour.

If you go to a reputable supplier each piece of equipment is inspected before it is hired out to make sure it meets appropriate safety guidelines and you don’t need any special tools or experience to construct it.

Scaffold towers also allow you greater flexibility because they are relatively simple to assemble and dismantle and you can simply adjust them to fit the job as you go along.

There is no doubt about it, scaffolding in its many forms is one of the most brilliant bits of kit to come on the market for anyone who regularly has to work at height.

In the past, perching on a ladder with paint pots and tools was certainly a hazardous affair but today, with so many different types of scaffolding available you can match the equipment to your needs.

Scaffold Tower Hire From Us

Lakeside-Hire provide Boss Aluminium Scaffold Towers at competitive prices for next day delivery nationwide. You can view our scaffold towers here.

Boss Aluminium Scaffold Tower Hire. Price Comparison – Per Week
HEIGHT – Metres 2.2M 3.2M 4.2M 5.2M 6.2M 7.2M 8.2M
HEIGHT – Feet 7’2 10’5 13’8 17’3 20’3 23’7 27′
HSS Hire £119.10 £144.80 £168.90 £193.60 £222.90 £247.90 £274.30
SPEEDY Hire £54.00 £78.00 £101.00 £124.00 £148.00 £171.00 £194.00
LAKESIDE-HIRE £41.60 £54.60 £67.60 £80.60 £93.60 £106.60 £119.60
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