Safe Use Of A Mobile Scaffold Tower – Hire Companies Provide Important Tips

But when it comes to equipment for construction, it’s hard to make them compact (although some companies have surely tried). The problem with compact equipment or tools is that they are rarely as durable and stable as their large counterparts.

Take, for example, the “easy to tuck away” scaffolding that home TV shopping networks featured not too long ago; during a demonstration, the supposed high-performing equipment faltered at the weight of the person (a middle-aged man) tasked to pitch the product on TV. For now, technology only allows scaffold towers to be mobile and that is enough in meeting construction industry standards and the function people want from them.

Mobile scaffold towers, despite being relatively easy to move, are heavy duty and they get the job done. Typically made from lightweight aluminium, its strength can bear great weights. Setting it up is very easy and normally just takes 20 to 30 minutes. When using them, however, it’s important to take into consideration a couple of things to ensure the safety of everybody using the equipment mobile scaffold tower hire services issue.

When setting it up, make sure that the base is wide enough as this will prevent the whole thing from tipping to one side. If height needs to be added to the equipment, adjust the size of the base as well. The main principle in determining the right height for the base is to limit its size to four times the size of the base. A good hire company won’t supply equipment that is too tall for the stabilisers that have been supplied, you shouldn’t have a problem with this. Always check the user guide to be sure.

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In pushing the scaffold, it’s better not to push the body as this is known to tip the whole equipment over; the weight will be very hard to counter, even with several people pushing against it.Never push a tower that is over 3.2m in height.

Make sure the casters are high quality and push the mobile scaffold tower as close to the bottom as possible. Not only is this strategy safer and prevents the equipment from tipping, but it’s also effective in moving the scaffold past mini-obstructions like slightly uneven ground, humps, pebbles and bumps. According to industry standards, manual force used to move the scaffold shall be applied as close to the base as possible but it should not applied beyond 1.5 m above the supporting surface.

Always check the weight specifications of the mobile scaffold to prevent overloading which can cause the weight of the whole equipment to shift and work against the stability of the base.

Lastly, before getting on the scaffold, be sure that the castors are locked to prevent movement. is a UK scaffolding hire company that provides scaffold hire solutions for your construction project needs. We offer a range of different types of scaffolding for domestic and commercial use, and all of our solutions are serviced and inspected thoroughly by our PASMA trained staff.

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