Razor Deck

Razor Decks have entirely changed the way we look at working at height safety on building sites. But anyone who works on site knows how easy it is for tools and equipment to go missing: the other contractors borrow parts here and there and if you’re not careful you’re going home with about half of what you came to work with. It’s not malicious, it just happens. The genius Razor Deck is the best thing to hire if you want to avoid losing all those parts. It doesn’t have parts that can be borrowed, doesn’t have bits that can fall off and doesn’t have components that can be mistaken for someone else’s. When you hire a Razor Deck you also remove the issue of having to transport it to the site – the contract hire company will deliver it, so all you have to do it ‘raze’ it and start work.

The Razor Deck is a one-piece platform that can take you all the way up to 55cm or lift you to 1 to 2 metres for easy access to ceilings and walls. The working at height regulations really raised (pardon the pun) construction industry’s awareness of the dangers of working just inches off the ground, so these days hiring Razor Decks and podium steps is the industry norm for any contractor wanting to stay competitive and with a squeaky-clean safety record.

At 82kg it’s sturdy, but wheeling a hired Razor Deck into position is easy. Using the stabilisers at 45 or 90 degrees to the rectangular base the level can be adjusted for increased safety. With just one step you glide through the guardrail gate, onto the platform and to a day of comfortable work.

With no training you can easily increase your working height to one or two metres, without adding undue risk to your safety record. As the hinges have tension-springs they take the weight, so lifting the platform to your required height is wonderfully simple. At one metre you step in through the gate, but go up to 2 metres and the fun begins. With the hired Razor Deck locked securely in place with failsafe locks, instead of climbing up the ladder outside you nip under the platform, climb the ladder underneath and pop up onto the platform through a trapdoor.

The Razor Deck fits through standard doors and moves easily around the site by releasing the brake and pushing it to your next position. Release the brakes and off you go!