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The Pop Up Scissor Lift is a compact hydraulic system which offers a convenient, adjustable, working platform that can reach up to 3.6m in only eight seconds. It is so easy to use; it can be operated by just one contractor with no special training.

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Why You Should Choose Lakeside-Hire Pop Up Hire

Reports have shown that the latest Pop-Up technology has improved maneuverability for contractors, increased work rates and reduced fatigue resulting in an early finish on site for many workers.

Using the Pop-Up scissor lift also means that contractors do not have to perch on out dated ladders and steps to gain low level access to their work.

Matt Browne of Lakeside-Hire said:

“We are always looking at the very latest equipment that has been specially designed to make life safer, easier and more cost effective within the construction industry.

“The Pop-Up scissor lift is a brilliant tool. It is compact and flexible which means it is ideal for all low level access indoors.”

The Pop-Up scissor lift comes as one piece, including the battery and the charger, which means you don’t have to worry about losing any of the extra parts, added Mr Browne.

The Pop-Up battery holds enough charge for a full day’s work which means you won’t experience downtime on site.

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Pop Up Hire

Pop Up Hire

From only £95 / week

  • Platform Height: 1.6m
  • Available next day delivery, London and nationwide

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Experts in the trade have described the Pop-Up product ‘as a ready-made solution for building and construction companies installing typical services such as pipe work, air conditioning, insulation, fire and other security systems, lighting and cabling’.

Buying a Pop Up scissor lift can be a costly business, especially if it is for a one-off job, but this handy workmate costs just £55 a week to hire from Lakeside, a fraction of the standard purchase price.

See our Pop up Hire page for prices and further details, or call us on 01708 866566 for more information.