Over a million pound’s worth of tools are stolen or lost each day!

Over winter, specifically during the Christmas shutdown, there are far too many chances for the less scrupulous. Now it’s winter not only are the days shorter, but everyone is falling seasonally ill, so there are all sorts temp.workers on site. Equipment, as you well know, is expensive stuff. And Christmas is an expensive time. It’s not a massive leap to see how tempting tools not in a site box or tool vault could be if you needed to turn a quick, easy profit.

Of course, site security falls on the project managers shoulders, but you really should accept some responsibility for your tools of your trade. Protect yourself, and your possessions, against theft and hire a site box or tool vault.

It’s really site security’s responsibility to know who’s who in site, but to help them wear your identification. Do your bit! Everyone on site ought to be regularly checked and searched, as should their lockers, site boxes or tool vaults and vehicles. To maintain better safety, private vehicles shouldn’t be allowed onsite. To remain above suspicion, keep your parked outside unless you are told specifically that you can park onsite.

Reduce access points to an absolute minimum – with only a couple of entrances and exits – so site security can see all the comings and goings. And by using mesh-fencing instead of boarding up the site, the public can help protect the site against unsavoury behaviour.

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But how else can you help keep your equipment safe? It’s crazy to haul all your stuff here and there all day, every day. A secured site box or tool vault enables you to keep all of your equipment safely on site, so you can get to work quickly in the morning, without having to haul it all in from your car or van. Aside from the convenience of keeping everything in one place, site boxes also keep your tools organised, making it easier for you to find what you need.

Note down all of your tools’ serial numbers, so that if something does go missing, you are able to give the police as much information as possible. Make your equipment unique: labelling it makes it less interesting to a thief, and less difficult to lose.

With so many people on site, honest mistakes and forgotten ‘borrows’ can get confusing. You’re less likely to find yourself wondering who’s got your hammer if it’s clearly labelled. Etch it, brand it, tattoo it – do it however you want, but it ought to be permanent.

There are also a number of national schemes available to protect you and your equipment. By digitally recording data about stolen plant and equipment, systems can cross-check against found property … and with any luck make its way back to its owner. There are several schemes across the country, which you can find out about when you hire your site box or tool vault from the hire company.

So, protect your tools, keep your business a cut above the rest and assure your business’s reputation by hiring site box from Lakeside-Hire.

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