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Working in a busy construction environment can be a logistical nightmare. All the moving parts and looming deadlines can make it a stressful place to work. Lighten the load, no pun intended, with Lakeside Hire’s broad selection of trucks and trolleys for use in construction.

Our trucks and trolleys are designed for indoor and outdoor use. Whatever site you find yourself on, you won’t find a better place for pallet truck hire across London and the UK. Our range is adaptable and flexible, and above all, designed to help you with heavy lifting.

Lakeside-Hire’s extremely durable trolleys make perfect labour saving appliances for whatever setting, be it commercial or personal. Each model is highly maneuverable and made for a different situation and or scenario. Looking for a trolley to move bottles of oxy-acetylene or be able to climb kerbs and steps? Then our line-up of trolleys will be able to suit your every need..

Our diverse range of trucks and trolleys for hire are the most dependable in London and the UK. Give our hire desk team a call today before 3pm and we will get one of our trucks and trolleys to you, next day guaranteed.

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