How To Install A Chandelier

Follow a few simple steps and installing a chandelier can be completed quickly and easily without damaging any of the precious crystal strands.

First things first; it is important to switch off the electricity that will be powering the chandelier. That means turning off the power in the room that you are working in. Make sure you disconnect the fuse of the power supply before you continue and move away any breakable objects from your working area.

Use a step ladder, or better still a low level platform such as podium steps or a delta deck as a secure base to work from and put a thick blanket on the floor so that if you do accidentally drop any of the crystal prisms it will cushion the fall and minimise breakages.

Before you actually start installing the chandelier, it is wise to test that the power is off. Don’t just try the light switch, use a non-contact voltage tester or a circuit tester to confirm that there is no power in the fitting.

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Move detachable pieces of the old fitting. Using specialist work at height equipment such as Mark 1 Podium Steps with a wide working space will help here because it will give you somewhere safe to put the pieces while you are dismantling the fitting.

You may need a wrench or a screwdriver to detach the old fitting. This job is easier if you have an assistant to help. It is important not to let the old fitting hang just from its wiring without support because it could fall damaging the wiring.

Make a note of how the wires are connected. Most are colour coded and it might even be worth making a diagram of how it all fits together. If you have any doubts at all then get a qualified electrician to help you, it is not worth taking any risks.

Establish the weight of your chandelier in advance. If it weighs more than 50lbs you will need to install additional support such as a fan brace or a box.

Once you know that that there is sufficient support for your chandelier then the next step is to assemble the chandelier base. Remember that a chandelier should be at least seven foot above ground level so it may be necessary to shorten the chain on the fitting.

Finish assembling the chandelier. Avoid twisting the chandelier too much because it can loosen the wiring.

Once the chandelier is assembled and the power is switched back on you can sit back, relax and enjoy your room’s stunning centrepiece. You will be surprised what a difference it makes to the reflection of light.

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