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Mesh Fencing Hire

Security is one of the most important aspects of any construction site, and there are many various hazards that have to be avoided. One of the most materially expensive of these hazards is theft; every year, vast amounts of equipment are stolen from sites that are not sufficiently protected.

Yet, it can be very simple to ensure that no unauthorised person gets onto your site. One tried and tested method is the use of aluminium mesh fencing. Light but sturdy, and made up of interlocking panels, this fencing can be set up in a perimeter of your choice; as large or small as your site is.

This mesh fencing hire will not only greatly decrease the chances of thieves taking valuable gear from your site, but also serves to prevent other unauthorised people, such as young children who see a potential playground, from getting onto your site and injuring themselves.

Time is also a factor that is completely down to you. We’ll deliver the equipment, as soon as the next day if that’s what you need, and you can continue your hire until you’re completely finished with it. This means that there’s no pressure to rush through your work, which would jeopardise other aspects of safety, and you can keep to your own pace.

Of course, you need to be able to do all this without breaking the bank, so at Lakeside-Hire, as our equipment isn’t sold at retail rates, we keep the prices to well within a manageable work budget. Using this form of temporary fencing is far more cost effective than a full time surveillance team or installing CCTV on a potentially short term task.

So, if you’re looking for some cost effective site security equipment, give us a ring, shoot us an email or have a browse through our site and we’ll get you started on a great quality hire.

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Service rating : great service, only ordered and received 1 set of toe boards although 2 on the delivery note, After collection I was contacted several times asking when I was going to finish my hire. Product : great product did exactly what I wanted it to do,when I wanted it.

08.2m PH (1.8M L) Single Width Tower

Fantastic service. Michaela was very accommodating and helpful. Will use again.

Delta Deck

From ordering delivery and collection a first class service, no complaints.

05.2m PH (1.8M L) Double Width Cantilever Tower