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July 3rd, 2013

It’s been a long, hard winter. Not just hard on people, with freezing temperatures, hazardous journeys and bigger fuel bills, but hard on buildings, too. So if you’re a property owner, one of the first things to do when spring finally arrives is check for possible damage by frost, snow and ice.

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Checking roofs, gutters, chimneys and the like is essential after extreme weather. Look, too, at downspouts, pointing and window frames.

Calling in an expert can be expensive. But with the right equipment, such as a scaffold tower, any reasonably fit person can do it.

Everyone knows working at height without the right equipment can be dangerous, and even fatal. But there’s no reason to risk your life, or serious injury, when the right kit is readily available for hire at reasonable cost. The correct equipment also makes such work very much easier.

At a competitive price, a good equipment-hire firm will guarantee next-day delivery of ladders, extension ladders, roof ladders, scaffold towers,  scissor lifts, cherry pickers etc. In fact there’s an elevated platform to suit almost any job at height.

Hiring a scaffold tower is simple. There’s an easy-to-follow user manual, and even a first-time user can put one together within an hour.

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Scaffold Tower Hire

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For access to areas obstructed by conservatories or porches, Youngman boards are the perfect solution. They bridge the gap, providing a safe, rigid working space to help you get the job done quickly and safely. You can even use a Youngman board to link two scaffold towers, making almost any job at height easily accessible.

All this equipment is lightweight, easy-to-use and easy to manoeuvre into tight spots.

If you intend to check or work on a sloping roof, hire a roof ladder. It’s perfect with a standard scaffold tower, which provides the ideal stable base from which to position the roof ladder.

Don’t risk a slip or fall. A roof ladder will give you safe access to all sloping roofs. Its fitted wheel assembly allows easy extension to the ridge without damaging tiles. You simply turn it over and hook it over the ridge to secure it. It can be assembled easily by one person. If it’s used with a scaffold tower, a safe platform isn’t too far away if you slip.

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Delivered on time, the equipment was clean, good instructions, easy to use & light weight - very useful as we had to move the scaffold several times. Picked up on time with no problems. A fast, reliable service, will definitely use again
Paul H, Valued Customer, Hiring a Boss Aluminum Tower, June 2016

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