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Do the Rolling Use Scaffolding Tower Hire Services?

July 3rd, 2013

The great thing about this time and age is that creativity is allowed to flourish.

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Perhaps due to more challenging financial conditions that people have, as well as the desire to rise above the need to acquire more, a growing number of people are now inclined to think outside of the box and strive to repurpose and transform things into multifunctional tools.

In the building industry, you will marvel at how one matchbox-type studio apartment can be transformed into a living space with as many as six rooms – some people call this architectural trend origami structures. With brilliant innovation, there’s no need to spend a lot of money to meet a variety of needs.

Even construction essentials these days can have multiple functions, just like scaffolding. Not too many people know that apart from being access equipment, scaffolds can also be used for a variety of things.

For example, concert producers and stage designers consider this equipment one of their essentials. Aside from being used in the construction of their stage design, scaffolding towers either serve as a frame for some stage elements or the actual stage “accessory.”

Gone are the days when a stage is just one flat floor space; stage designers these days create a performance stage that has multiple levels and dimensions and instead of actually adding more platforms to the stage, they just make use of different types of scaffolding – fixed, mobile, they all work.

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Those who have seen behind-the-scenes footage of concerts by Taylor Swift, the Rolling Stones, and U2 (to name a few) may have seen scaffolding being constructed or moved around for the performance.

Most stage designers have their own scaffolds especially for concert tours, but there are some who still take advantage of scaffolding tower hire services as it’s the more convenient and practical option.

Now, beyond the performing arts scene, this equipment is also used by make-shift business establishments either as support structures for massive tents for their events or as display and storage solutions. This heavy-duty equipment can hold a lot of weight and make ideal instant display shelves for big products.

Lastly, those who are into “construction art” and are hired for events could never complete their masterpieces without scaffolding – it really is just very versatile equipment and can be constructed to create all sorts of designs and figures of varying sizes and heights.

For this purpose, again, businesses that hire these artists turn to scaffolding tower hire services.

But they are not just for concerts and large event. Scaffold Towers from Lakeside-Hire.co.uk are ideal for providing a stable and secure platform for all trades and also domestic work.

If you are not sure which product is right for you, please contact us and one of our experts will help you choose the right one.

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Delivered on time, the equipment was clean, good instructions, easy to use & light weight - very useful as we had to move the scaffold several times. Picked up on time with no problems. A fast, reliable service, will definitely use again
Paul H, Valued Customer, Hiring a Boss Aluminum Tower, June 2016

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