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Cherry Picker

Mobility while working at height is often a huge advantage; being able to not only move freely on your platform, but also to easily move the base you stand on, provide huge benefits when employed effectively. Cherry Pickers are an exemplary piece of equipment in showing how powered access can be used in a variety of roles to perform several types of task.

Cherry pickers are, in essence, a standard example of vehicle mounted mobile access, and are very versatile in their uses. They vary in their weights based on the license of the user, but by and large they are usable with a standard license in most situations.

Cherry Pickers, or Bucket Trucks, are frequently used whenever workers need to work quickly and safely at height, in areas such as construction, telecoms maintenance, and exterior decoration, as well as various other tasks.

Hiring a Cherry Picker is advantageous over buying one outright, as well, due to the overall usage cost being drastically lower; not only do you not have to pay for the full model, but any subsequent storage necessary after having completed a task is unnecessary. As such, using a Cherry Picker on a short term basis can not only improve the quality and speed of your work, but can also be beneficial to the budget.

Additionally, once you’ve finished with the equipment, having it immediately removed from site allows you to continue working with sufficient space to continue with the next part of the undertaken project. This means the whole process can be completed more efficiently with various pieces of unnecessary equipment taking up space on site.

So, if you’re going to need a reliable source of powered access equipment, give us a call or send us an email and we’ll get you started with a quality hire.

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Service rating : great service, only ordered and received 1 set of toe boards although 2 on the delivery note, After collection I was contacted several times asking when I was going to finish my hire. Product : great product did exactly what I wanted it to do,when I wanted it.

08.2m PH (1.8M L) Single Width Tower

Fantastic service. Michaela was very accommodating and helpful. Will use again.

Delta Deck

From ordering delivery and collection a first class service, no complaints.

05.2m PH (1.8M L) Double Width Cantilever Tower