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Benefits Of Opting For A Scaffold Tower Hire

July 3rd, 2013

Construction is one industry that doesn’t stop; with continuous efforts for development and improvement, most construction businesses are kept busy all year-round – they typically tackle one project after another or work simultaneously on different ones.

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Hence, sometimes, homeowners struggle to find a company that can accommodate their short-term renovation or building needs and either just opt to work with individual carpenters or tackle the job themselves.

Well, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with such options; actually, there are many advantages to “scaling down” the work force but of course, it’s not a perfect option as there are limitations to just hiring a carpenter or two to get the job done.

One of the limitations is the absence of heavy-duty equipment which requires DIY-ers to create make-shift substitutes.

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Not owning certain equipment is no longer a problem, though, as there are businesses that actually allow people taking on construction tasks “independently” to rent necessary equipment like machinery and scaffolds for reaching those high areas of a building structure.

Scaffold tower hire is the practical option especially for those who do not intend to renovate every couple of years.

The rates for the service are very affordable — practically just a “smidgen” of the cost of buying one — and choosing to go with this arrangement will leave more money that can be allocated to the other aspects of construction. It certainly helps for a better use of financial resources.

Aside from the cost benefit, clients can choose from a wide selection of scaffolds or access equipment such as Aluminium Scaffold Towers   Site Box es , Razor Decks and   Podium Steps . Plus, providers make sure that all equipment is serviced and inspected by PASMA-trained staff according to the strictest safety standard – so throw in safety benefits as well.

Convenience is another great benefit because providers include in their service the setup of the scaffolds, meaning no more studying diagrams on the manual to be able to get the equipment ready for use. The amount of time saved in getting the scaffold up and ready could mean that “more” construction work can be accomplished faster.

Likewise, the clients no longer have to worry whether they set the scaffold up properly because the providers send their highly experienced personnel to do the job – these people will make sure that the scaffold is completely stable.

The last benefit would be the fact that storage after the job is done will not be a problem as the equipment is returned to the service provider after use.

If you are in need of a scaffold tower, whether it is for an on-going project or a one-off job, scaffold tower hire has never been easier. Give Lakeside-Hire a call at 0844 273 5625.

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Delivered on time, the equipment was clean, good instructions, easy to use & light weight - very useful as we had to move the scaffold several times. Picked up on time with no problems. A fast, reliable service, will definitely use again
Paul H, Valued Customer, Hiring a Boss Aluminum Tower, June 2016

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