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  • Hire Heating & Lighting To Bite Back The Frost This Winter

    Site Lighting & Heating Hire

    Construction Sites

    Keeping warm on a large open construction site can be tricky, but hiring our commerical grade propane space heaters, you can pack a real punch against the cold. Give o... Read more

  • Ultimate Guide to Scaffold Tower Safety

    Easy to assemble and simple to manoeuvre, scaffold towers can be the ultimate cost-effective solution for circumstances where work at height is required. Although, it should be remembered that this piece of kit, while helpful, can be a major source of serious accidents and injuries if... Read more

  • Roof Ladder Hire

    As most jobs require certain tasks to be performed at certain times, hiring a roof ladder, rather than purchasing one outright, has several distinct advantages. For example, many of these tasks are performed with limitations on the amount of space in which they are ca... Read more

  • How To Install A Chandelier

    Follow a few simple steps and installing a chandelier can be completed quickly and easily without damaging any of the precious crystal strands. First things first; it is important to switch off the electricity that will be powering the chandelier. That means turning off the power in ... Read more

  • Get £25 Off Your Next Hire With Us

    Sign up to our newsletter today to receive news, offers and promotions from Lakeside-Hire and get a voucher code for £25 off* your next hire with us. Click here to sign up * Sign up to our email newsletter and receive a voucher code for £25 off yo... Read more

  • Cost For Alloy Scaffold Tower For British Gas Boiler Installation

    The Government is setting aside £125 million for the Green Deal scheme. Free eco boiler installations are available under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) and Affordable Warmth, a government initiative funded by the utility companies. For a limited time, ... Read more

  • Over a million pound’s worth of tools are stolen or lost each day!

    Over winter, specifically during the Christmas shutdown, there are far too many chances for the less scrupulous. Now it's winter not only are the days shorter, but everyone is falling seasonally ill, so there are all sorts temp.workers on site. Equipment, as you well know, is expensiv... Read more

  • Different Kinds of Scaffold Tower – Hire The Best Providers To Ensure Work Safety

    There are different options available to anyone seeking a top-quality scaffold tower; hire reputable providers to ensure construction work safety, regardless of whether the job is a simple or a complex one. Here are four popular choic... Read more

  • Safe Use Of A Mobile Scaffold Tower – Hire Companies Provide Important Tips

    But when it comes to equipment for construction, it’s hard to make them compact (although some companies have surely tried). The problem with compact equipment or tools is that they are rarely as durable and stable as their large counterparts. Take, for example, the “easy to tuck... Read more

  • Benefits Of Opting For A Scaffold Tower Hire

    Hence, sometimes, homeowners struggle to find a company that can accommodate their short-term renovation or building needs and either just opt to work with individual carpenters or tackle the job themselves. Well, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with such options; actually, there ... Read more