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Accidents caused by lifting, carrying or handling proved to be the single biggest contributor to lost working days in 2012/13, according to the HSE.

The figures from the Health and Safety Executive show that the more than £1.5 million days taken off sick from work were as a result of a handling injury and that these sort of incidents were the most frequent cause of workers taken more than seven consecutive days off sick.

With an estimated total of three million working days lost due to handling injuries and slips and trips, it is important to think carefully about lifting and material handling on all levels.

Nowadays we are fortunate enough to have access to so much clever state-of-the-art equipment – in most cases there is nearly always some sort of machinery that has been specially designed to take the strain.

Using lifting equipment can allow contractors to work more efficiently while minimalising injury risk. There is so much specialist equipment now available either to buy or to hire – it is possible to find the perfect piece of kit no matter how difficult the job or what barriers might be in the way.

But sometimes manual handling is inevitable so it is important to consider all aspects of the lift to carry out an appropriate risk assessment.

Small points can make all the difference including:

  • Considering what type of lifting aid you need to suit the job in hand.
  • Thinking in advance in terms of storage; can very heavy items be delivered direct to the site or storage area?
  • Avoid carry heavy loads for any distance.

Whether it involves lifting, pushing, lowering or carrying, the Health and Safety Executive has produced plenty of tools to help contractors undertake manual handling safely. For more details visit http://www.hse.gov.uk/msd/manualhandling.htm

Scaffold Tower Hire Online

Recently we launched our online hire shop which showcases all our equipment available for hire. Now you can order Aluminium Scaffold Towers, Site Boxes, Razor Decks, Podium Steps, and all other product ranges online via the Lakeside-Hire website, as well as on the phone with our hire desk team.

Our regular customers will notice that we have not only invested time in our online shop, but also a refresh in design. Over the next few months, we aim to add videos, image galleries, user guides and all relevant information, to help you to find the right equipment for the job. The ability to create an account on the website means that you can keep track of your orders at any time and save your details securely to save time even further on your next hire.

We want to make hiring from us as easy and quick as possible, so you can focus on the job in hand, knowing that your hire equipment will be taken care of. Whether you’re a first time customer or one of our regulars, you can order online today with us. Scaffold tower hire has never been this easy, simply add your required equipment to the shopping basket and then pay using once of the methods available. A hire desk team member will be in touch shortly after to confirm your order.

Place Orders Online Using Mobile and Tablet Devices

Yes that’s right, you can now use your mobile phone and tablet device to place orders online for your hire equipment. The website has been optimised to work on all devices, making life simpler for you.

Scaffold Tower Hire From Us?

Concerned that hired equipment might not be up to scratch? You needn’t worry – every piece of equipment is pressure washed and thoroughly checked every time it returns from a job and all the equipment meets Health and Safety rules and regulations. We pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations with every Scaffold Tower Hire.

Our pre twelve guarantee means that you can receive delivery of your tower the next morning nationwide, as long as you order before 3pm the day before. The charge period for our towers is a full seven days, giving you more value for your money. Additional days are charged at a daily hire rate.

Why not place your next order with us online and give it a try.

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PAS250 comlient podium hire

A new safety standard has just been launched for podium steps, the low-level work platforms used in the building industry.

Equipment currently in use is in no way considered inherently dangerous. But the increase in the use of podiums in recent years, and some concerns about stability, have led PASMA, the leading mobile access tower trade association, to take the lead in introducing a minimum standard where until now none existed.

The new design specification, PAS 250, sets out a new minimum safety standard, including a specific requirement for stability. Concerns over the stability of podiums were a major part of the decision to create the specification, as well as several other requirements considered in need of improvement, such as “anti-surf” features preventing users from moving podiums while in use.

Other recommendations cover materials used, specifications for guard-rails, toe-boards, access and mobility, and on labels and user guides. A series of strength and stability tests are used to confirm that podiums meet specified standards.It’s the first time such guidelines have been introduced.

PAS 250 PASMA Podium steps image

PASMA’s move in setting new standards podiums have to reach to gain the PAS 250 accreditation is considered an important step towards eliminating the potential for falls from low levels. Although not enforceable by law, it will allow main contractors to state that their podiums comply with the new standards. As a result, it is expected that PAS 250-compliant podiums will begin to replace older models and become increasingly relied on in the future.

The creation of the Publicly Available Specification (PAS), developed in line with British Standards Institution (BSI) guidelines and in collaboration with partners including the Health and Safety Executive, was sponsored by PASMA, whose members have taken part in a self-verification process to help to ensure they stock equipment which complies with the new standard.

Because until now there has been no minimum product standard, some inferior equipment has entered the industry when safer options might have been available but hard to find without any official stamp of approval.

If you are looking to use compliant equipment, ask your suppliers about PAS 250. Or you can purchase a copy of the PAS 250 specification through PASMA’s online order form, available at www.pasma.co.uk/pasma-products) or from the BSI online shop at http://shop.bsigroup.com/pas250).

Setting a safety standard for the equipment, covering all low-level work platforms under 2.5 metres used by one person, is the final step in a three-point plan by PASMA to ensure a consistent standard of safety. Earlier steps included a training course and a guidance DVD.

Our PAS 250 Podium Steps Hire

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Scaffold-hire firms are enjoying an increase in business as a spin-off from a government initiative aimed at helping low-income households to become more energy efficient.

The Government is setting aside £125 million for the Green Deal scheme. Free eco boiler installations are available under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) and Affordable Warmth, a government initiative funded by the utility companies. For a limited time, households can get £400 off any new boiler in a British Gas’s boiler sale, and also claim a Green Deal cashback of up to £270.

Eligible households with an old boiler, or one that’s not working, can apply to install a new A-rated boiler for free. That includes tenants and landlords. If you receive Pension Credit or Child Tax Credit and have a household income of less than £15,860, you will qualify automatically for the free insulation or replacement boiler grant. Your current boiler must be more than 10 years old to qualify. If you do not receive either of these benefits, you can still qualify if you receive various other benefits

Aluminium Tower for access to your home boiler.

Since the scheme started, scaffold-hire firms have experienced a noticeable rise in the number of enquiries for scaffold tower Costs to install boilers.

Various companies, including British Gas, are installing the free boilers, each worth something like £2,000 or £3,000. But boilers are often in difficult sites, where for health and safety reasons the firms are unable to do the work using a ladder. Hence the run on scaffold towers. Customers themselves are approaching scaffold-hire firms requesting delivery of a tower.

More than 200 construction sites were inspected across Scotland, the North-East and Yorkshire in September and while the majority were found to be managing health and safety appropriately, work was stopped immediately on a number of sites, the HSE has reported.

As a result of the inspections in Scotland, 15 Prohibition Notices were served because the proper precautions were not in place for working at height.

Work on six building sites in Bradford was halted immediately. HSE inspectors served three Prohibition Notices after witnessing how workers were being put at risk because of poorly planned and inadequate use of working platforms and scaffolding. The other three were served for other safety-related matters.

In the North-East a total of 14 Prohibition Notices were also served because the proper precautions were not in place for working at height.

The targeted campaign was in response to the continued loss of life and serious injury arising from falls from height. In the 12 months to April 2012, 49 workers lost their lives on construction sites in the UK, with falls from height being the most common cause of fatal injuries.

Jeanette Reuben, HSE’s Head of Unit (Construction) for Scotland, Yorkshire and the North East, said: “Whilst the initiative was primarily to raise awareness of the problem of unsafe working practices, it is of serious concern that such a significant proportion of sites visited were undertaking work at height in a dangerous manner.

“Straightforward practical precautions are well known in the industry. Safe access equipment is readily available for purchase or hire and there is no excuse for workers, and the self-employed, to put themselves in a position of danger when working at height.

“HSE will continue to maintain a strong enforcement profile where there is blatant disregard to safe working practice.”

A bus ended up with a scaffolding overcoat after dozy builders made it too low to support crumbling architecture at the front of a hotel in the city of Innsbruck, the Austrian Independent has reported.

The scaffolding had been put up because areas of the Hotel Ibis appeared to be unsafe. Large chunks of the building which is at the local train station threatened to break off and fall onto the street below after bungling builders made it five centimetres too low.

The newspaper stated that as a result, the bus ended up tearing into the scaffolding and carrying it off as it drove away having dropped off passengers at the hotel.

Firemen were called to dismantle the scaffolding from around the vehicle causing lengthy traffic tailbacks as other buses and taxis waited to arrive.

Nobody was hurt during the incident and the scaffolding has now been reassembled at the proper height.

Anyone who feels that their construction work is going on just a little bit too long should take note of a new initiative which may hit the streets of New York in the near future.

Bosses of the new enterprise, which is aimed specifically at improving the lives of the city’s pedestrians, have come up with an ingenious new method of making scaffolding a little more bearable to have around.

Softwalks is the brainchild of Bland Hoke and Howard Chambers who designed the DIY kit which allows people to turn any unsightly scaffolding into a temporary place to hang out. These fabulous ‘pop-up parks’ include screens, chairs, tables and even planters to brighten the place up.

The kit has been designed so that all elements are easily attached and detached – they are temporary additions that can be added when necessary but also removed with ease.

A spokesperson for Softwalks said: “From the first spark, to quick prototypes using an iterative process, Softwalks is capable of producing every stage of a product’s development. Our parts undergo a rigorous user testing phase to ensure we know all of the unintended uses and consequences of the work when it is placed in public space.”

Although it is still a design concept at present, Hoke and Chambers have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise cash to begin a pilot project that will enable them to install the kit in a location for a short period of time.

They are currently calling for backers for the project and anyone who wants to contribute should log on to www.kickstarter.com for more information. For a small amount of money you will get a t-shirt or a business card holder but larger cash donations of up to $800 will get you a planter or a chair.

Firm Ordered To Pay £13000 After Worker Falls From A Roof

A Dorset firm specialising in solar panel installation has been fined £13,000 after an employee plunged from a roof in Hampshire.

The man, who worked for Gendex Limited, fell through a rooflight at the New Milton and District Community Centre, in New Milton.

He plunged more than three metres into the centre before landing on a raised platform in February 2012 . He was not injured because the platform broke his fall.

Southampton Magistrates’ Court heard that Gendex was installing 68 solar panels on the flat roof of the building over the course of three days.

A Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigation revealed that a scissor lift was provided for workers to access the roof, as were safety harnesses and training. But there were no attachment points on the roof so the harnesses could only be used in the lift.

There was also no protection provided for the edge of the roof or the two rooflights, inspectors discovered.

Magistrates heard that the company had decided it was sufficient to simply warn staff about the potential fall risks rather than impose safety measures that may have damaged the roof itself. Scaffolding was also ruled out.

Gendex, which also supplies cavity wall insulation, was served with a Prohibition Notice by HSE in March 2006 relating to unsafe ladder work, the court heard. So it is thought that the company was aware of the need to manage work at height.

Gendex Limited, of Bridge House, Court Road, Swanage, was fined £13,000 and ordered to pay £2,477 in costs after admitting two separate breaches of the Work at Height Regulations 2005.

Speaking after the hearing, HSE inspector Adam Wycherley highlighted the fact that work at height is ‘inherently fraught with risk’. He added that falls continue to be the greatest cause of fatality and serious injury within the construction industry.

He continued: “Thankfully the worker avoided injury on this occasion, but he was extremely fortunate to do so. The fall was entirely preventable and Gendex Ltd has no excuse for failing to do more than they did to mitigate the risks he and others faced.

“Roof work must be properly planned and appropriate safety equipment provided.”

Using a roof ladder together with a mobile scaffold tower may have helped to prevent a fall from height.

A work platform can mean different things to different people and with so many variations available whatever the job; work platform hire has never been easier.

From a power tower, to a low level platformscaffold tower toYoungmans board, experts at Lakeside-Hire can help you decide on which work platform can provide the ideal solution for your task.

Some contractors literally need a low level platform which is perfect if you find yourself working on an area which is just a metre or two out of your reach. Low level platforms are so easy to use, it can be erected in seconds and it offers stability when you need it most especially while you are using powertools and other equipment.

At the other end of the scale, power towers spring to mind for some contractors when they think of work platform hire. This lightweight, versatile manually-powered equipment gives you ultimate control allowing you to adjust your height at the touch of a button.

Mobile scaffold towers also offer a secure platform to work from especially if you need to continually adjust your working position. They can be assembled and dismantled quickly and they are easy to use. Scaffold towers also come with a variety of safety features which are specially designed to give you peace of mind at all times.WORK PLATFORM HIRE

And if you need to bridge the gap over large objects such as conservatories, porches or heavy machinery then Youngmans boards are the perfect solution. Offering a stable, solid working platform regardless of the obstacles at ground level, Youngmans boards may be the answer to your access problems.

Whatever the type of “work platform” you need, PASMA trained staff at Lakeside-Hire are here to talk you through all the options available and help you find the best platform for the project.


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