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Widely recognised and recommended by safety professionals, PASMA scaffold tower training provides successful delegates who pass a written and practical test with a competency certificate and an credit card sized PhotoCard.

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The PASMA Standard Course Covers

1. Introduction to Mobile Access Towers
2. Tower Assembly
3. Stability
4. Safe Use of Towers
5. Repositioning Towers
6. Tower Inspection
7. Care & Maintenance
8. Tower Dismantle
9. Regulations and Standards

Training course. Price Comparison

HSS Hire £150.00
Speedy Hire Not published
Lakeside Hire £125.00
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The Course content, instructors and training premises are subject to a rigorous assessment to ensure compliance with PASMA standards. After approval, all Registered Training Centres are subject to an ongoing audit regime conducted by Regional Training Scheme Auditors to ensure that they continue to meet the high standards demanded by PASMA.

Why Choose A PASMA Training Course?

Many sites will not allow the assembly, dismantling, movement and in some cases even the use of mobile scaffold towers without first seeing proof of PASMA training.

Before you get started working on a building site or in the construction industry it is essential to make sure that you are trained and fully up-to-date with health and safety issues while working at height.

PASMA scaffold tower training offers a comprehensive guide to those who have not used scaffold towers as part of their work and it should be undertaken by anyone who spends time working at height.

Part of the 2005 work at height regulations stipulates that assembling and dismantling mobile scaffold towers should be carried out by a competent person, or a construction worker who is under the supervision of a competent person.

That means someone who has professional technical training in the field. They need to understand the responsibility of their duties, be able to recognise potential hazards and detect defects in their equipment and work.

The course covers all aspects of assembling and dismantling mobile scaffold towers including safe use of towers, repositioning, inspection, care and maintenance and regulations and standards.

The PASMA training course, which is widely recognised and recommended by safety professionals, consists of a written and practical test and at the end of it you will receive a competency certificate and a credit-card sized photocard.

PASMA has worked closely with the HSE to develop the course, and it is generally recognised as one of the country’s premier organisations for mobile scaffold tower training courses.

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