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A new way of building scaffold towers is being demanded by main contractors on building sites across the UK. The Advanced guardrail seems like it’s here to stay. Allowing workers to erect a scaffold tower without ever having to stand on an unguarded platform, health and safety officers are looking at this system as the access tower of choice.

Betaguard Tower Hire

The BetaGuard® simplifies tower erection by eliminating the need for both horizontal and diagonal braces, reducing the main components to a total of three. Betaguard Scaffold Hire makes it possible to satisfy main contactors who insist on an advance guard rail system of building tower scaffolds.

Other benefits of the BetaGuard® Advance Guardrail System include its ability to act as a bridging component to bridge towers, removing the need for bridging lattice beams. Tower erection without trip hazards at base level and a walk in/through facility with high clearance is automatically achieved.

Through creative design the BetaGuard® Advance Guardrail System provides Innovation, Achievable Safety and Astounding Simplicity.

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Building site contractors who are regularly working at height have been demanding a new, safer way of building scaffold towers for some time.

For years workers have used the traditional brace system and the ‘through the trap’ or 3ft method but there is now a more protected, faster build method available to hire which does not leave you standing high up on a level without rails for security.

Construction professionals were delighted to discover the BetaGuard Scaffold Tower Advance Guardrail which allows assembly and dismantle of the scaffold without workers being exposed to an unguarded platform.

The innovative system is so secure and functional that health and safety officers are even looking at it as the method of choice when it comes to erecting scaffolding.

The BetaGuard Scaffold Tower Advance Guardrail system has even eliminated the need for the red and blue horizontal and diagonal brace system, making the whole structure easier to put up and take down.

It means that the BetaGuard is made up of minimal components so it is simple to use and you are far less likely to lose bits of it when you are assembling or dismantling it.

The BetaGuard can also be used as a bridging component so you don’t need to use bridging lattice beams. Safety is also improved at ground level because with BetaGuard there are no tripping hazards thanks to the walk in/through facility with high clearance.

With falls while working at height recorded by the HSE as the most common cause of death or injury on the UK’s construction sites in 2008/9 it pays not to take any risks.

The BetaGuard Scaffold Tower Advance Guardrail system offers you peace of mind for a small price and it is so simple to use, a novice can put it together in minutes.

All prices subject to VAT.

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